Retired P&G CEO Exposes Implicit Bias in the Workplace

John Pepper, retired CEO of Procter & Gamble and honorary Co-Chair of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, led a discussion at the Exposing Implicit Bias Luncheon hosted by the Goering Center on April 6th, 2017.

John Pepper helped University of Cincinnati Goering Center members and guests learn how implicit bias impacts our talent decisions and by extension, our work cultures, in order to put people on a positive path of understanding. In reflection of his life, including his 40-year career at P&G, John shared this powerful lesson with the audience:

“What really matters – everyone counts.”

Ryan Wynett and Richard Cooper of the Freedom Center also led discussion with a panel of Goering Center members.

The Goering Center’s hope is that attendees walked away with a new perspective and feeling challenged to apply what they learned.