Business Boards Overview Breakfast - April 20, 2017

Cincinnati, Ohio - April 20, 2017 - Doug Miller, Executive Vice President at HORAN, was a guest speaker at the Business Boards Institute Overview Breakfast hosted by the Goering Center on April 20, 2017.

The Goering Center worked with HORAN to establish its Board of Advisors in 2011. Over the next six years, their Board has helped the company achieve its strategies and growth goals by holding HORAN’s leadership team accountable.

“Our Board doesn’t answer our questions, they question our answers,” Doug said.

For over 65 years, HORAN has served as a trusted advisor in the areas of life insurance for estate and business planning, employee benefits consulting and wealth management. According to Doug, the company’s outside advisory board helped them get to the next level.

“If you’re a runner, the exercises you do to get you to a nine-minute mile are vastly different from the ones that get you to a seven-minute mile,” Doug said. “We selected board members that could help us get to where we wanted to go.”

The Goering Center helped HORAN’s leadership team hand-pick board members who brought the right mix of expertise and vision to the company’s ever-evolving strategies. Its Board Candidate Registry has more than 200 senior business leaders from every industry and functional expertise.