A Morning with Alan Beaulieu - 2018 Economic Forecast

Alan Beaulieu (left), Carol Butler (center), and John Goering (right) pose in front of a Goering Center backdrop

Alan Beaulieu (left), President of ITR Economics, pictured with Goering Center President Carol Butler and Founder John Goering after the symposium.

Dr. Alan Beaulieu, President of ITR Economics, presented the 2018 Economic Forecast symposium at Sharonville Convention Center on February 15, hosted by the University of Cincinnati’s Goering Center.

Alan Beaulieu and ITR Economics hold a 94.7 percent accuracy in economic forecasting, and have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today and more respected publications.

More than 240 attendees heard Alan reflect on current economic impacts on employment, energy prices, inflation, interest rates and more.

Alan advised Tri-state business owners with these tips:

  • Now is the time to invest cash in your business (2018), but using bank loans.
  • Business loans should be paid off by 2030 at the latest, which is when ITR Economics predicts another Depression.
  • Know your business’ competitive advantages, and market with quantifiable statements about yourself (rather than statements such as “We have the best people.”)
  • “Stop sleeping well at night,” Alan says. If your business is in a harvest season, avoid unnecessary spending (i.e. company jets, etc).