Optimizing Transition Outcomes

While I knew much of the process, they focused on the transition and gave me more depth from the examples. Now I know what aligns with my aspirations.

Melvin Gravely, CEO, TriVersity Construction

You've invested the sweat equity, the emotional equity and took the financial risks in order to grow a profitable business. Now it's time to look toward the future and design a plan to achieve the personal and financial goals you always dreamed of.

Explore the different transition options to consider and gain practical information that will help you prepare for the right move.

You'll hear firsthand transitional experiences from featured speaker, Pete Settle, while our expert presenters take you through the process of evaluating the best transition for you.

Know what's best for you and your business

  • Session 1: During the first session, you'll explore the different transition options and begin an evaluation exercise designed exclusively for this program to assist you in understanding the options that align with your needs.
  • Session 2: Every type of transition has certain variables that need to be considered and carefully weighed. You'll take a deeper dive into the process of both internal and external transitions and identify the areas that will impact your decision making.
  • Session 3: Through a series of calculations, you'll understand how the value of your business will help meet your specific goals for the future and then leave with actionable steps that can guide you through the transition of your choice when the time is right for you.


This informative hands-on program is held in an intimate setting, with a maximum of 15 companies attending.

Owners and spouses will come together with other business owners in a relaxed, confidential learning environment.

By the end of the workshop you will...

  • Understand the best external or internal transition options for your business
  • Learn the impact that each option can have on your business and future plans
  • Calculate and connect your personal and financial goals
  • Identify value drivers for your business and ways to optimize EBITDA

Register for OTO

Who should attend: Owners of closely held businesses and their spouses. Open to members and non-members.

Where: Rookwood Exchange (Rookwood Commons)

Featured speaker

Pete Settle is Managing Director at Goldner Hawn Johnson and Morrison, a lower middle market private equity firm, based in Minneapolis. Prior to joining GHJM in 2015, he was Managing Director and CEO of National Express Transit Corporation, a division of London listed National Express PLC. He joined National Express in May 2012 after its acquisition of Petermann, where he was founder and CEO. Petermann, the 4th largest US school bus service provider, operated over 3,800 buses in 10 states. Prior to founding Petermann in 1999, he was Senior Vice President of Marketing for Toronto listed Laidlaw Inc. Mr. Settle is both an Electrical Engineer and Attorney. He is a director on several company Boards including Stellar Materials, Quest Events and North American Central Bus.

Consider your options and optimize your results

Our expert presenters will help you understand the factors to consider when looking at internal and external transition options then identify ways to optimize your results.

Mark A. Signorelli is the Managing Partner of Cincinnati Growth Partners LLC, which has been serving regional companies for over 18 years. Mark leverages his 30 years of strategic and financial management expertise to lead clients through Optimizing their Transition Options, including Family Business Succession. Mark’s experience in succession planning enabled him to be a co-architect of the Next Generation Institute, which is the flagship Goering Center offering.

Mark is an accomplished public speaker, and actively leads his clients through the strategic issues they may not be able to resolve on their own. Mark holds both BS and MBA degrees from the University of North Carolina, with concentrations in International Finance and Marketing. In addition to participating in several community and church sponsored activities, Mark is a member of the American Society of Appraisers (ASA) and served on the Board of Directors for nearly 10 years.

Carol Butler is President of the Goering Center. Prior to joining the Goering Center as president, Carol spent four years as a volunteer. As president, Carol brings in her understanding of the needs of private and family business, as she was raised in a family business. She served 30 years as a Fortune 500 executive, and has since operated a consulting firm. Carol is involved in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky communities, serving on the Board of Directors for Life Learning Center and Good Samaritan Hospital Foundation.

For more information on Optimizing Transition Outcomes, contact Carol Butler at 513-556-7414 or carol.butler@uc.edu.