2022 Letter from the Judges

Judging for the Goering Center Family and Private Business Awards is always a challenging and interesting experience. This year was no exception. We were charged with selecting the top ten honorees and twenty runners-up. With so many applications and interesting stories, we were left to make very difficult decisions.

In any kind of contest, the credibility of the Judging panel is always an issue. The Goering Center panel includes four professionals with many years of experience in starting businesses, funding businesses, managing businesses, customer and business-to-business interactions, and dealing with the financial aspects of businesses that our applicants are engaged in every day. We believe this experience gives us the proper perspective while reviewing the applications in light of the Center’s stated criteria.

This year, the Center chose to look at company culture. Applicants were asked to give five or more words to describe their company culture and to discuss how the concept of the “Great Resignation” and/or “Great Reawakening” might apply to their particular businesses. Lastly, applicants were asked to provide insights as to how company culture impacted employees, customers, and their communities.

The best applications were presented by those companies that personalized their responses and activities rather than providing a corporate perspective. There were many stories about unique ways in which company culture impacted employees, customers, and the community at large. As in past years, it is clear that the Tri-state area is home to many great family and private businesses.

Many thanks from the Judges to the Goering Center for a challenging and rewarding experience. While we could only pick ten companies to receive our award, we are reminded once again how many true winners there are in our Family and Private Business Community.

Best Wishes for many years of continued success.

Mike Miller, Barbara Fant, Chris Ramos, Rex Wetherill

2022 Judges: Mike Miller, Barbara Fant, Chris Ramos, Rex Wetherill