Course for Presidents

Set your direction and advance your business

The Course for Presidents® sets you on the pathway to the next best version of your business. You’ll join forces with our Aileron partners and get an introduction to the Professional Management System. Through two days of interactive learning with peers and six sessions one-on-one with an Aileron Business Advisor, you’ll develop your to-do list for where you want your business to be. This is where you take possible and make it certain.

Who should register?

For-profit privately-held business owners or president and CEOs who want to work on the next best version of their organization.

What is it?

In two days you'll learn a systematic way to grow your business and then work one-on-one with your Aileron Business Advisor to engage your employees and implement what you learned.

Why sign up?

Because you want your business to be better, like the one that you envisioned when you became a business owner.

Continued support

After the two-day Course for Presidents session, you can fine-tune your next steps with your Aileron business advisor. Your advisor is here to help you apply the professional management principles, prioritize your goals, and offer perspectives on challenges in your business.  Our advisors know your frustrations because they’ve been where you are. They are entrepreneurs and business leaders, and they know that finding momentum and getting a business where it needs to go isn’t easy. They also know that you can’t do it alone.


Ed Eppley

Wes Gipe
Business Advisor, Facilitator, Leadership Coach

Event details

Cost: $2,100.00 for the first attendee; $1,400.00 per additional attendee (such as a second owner) or alumni. The cost includes all course materials, breakfast and lunch, and valuable ongoing support.

Schedule: August 7 and 8, 2018
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Location: Goering Center

More information is available from Aileron.