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In support of the directives issued by Governor Dewine, Governor Beshear and the University of Cincinnati, and with the wellbeing of our staff and members in mind, the Goering Center has cancelled all face-to-face events through the end of 2020. We have instead developed a schedule of virtual events to continue to support our members at this critical time. View our events calendar for our revised programming.

Read Goering Center president Carol Butler's message to our business community, here.

The Goering Center team has selected the following resources for family and private business owners to reference.

Reopening? Critical resources when it's time to open your doors

Returning to work in the COVID-19 environment and what it means for your business and employees
By Todd Chapman, Executive Vice President and P&C Practice Leader

The coronavirus pandemic continues to have an unprecedented effect on daily life. All of us are looking forward to the future and a return to normalcy. Many states have begun the process of lifting “shelter in place” orders or re-evaluating which industries are considered “essential.” It is critical to have a plan in place to restart businesses and bring facilities back online, but that’s easier said than done.

Getting back to work involves more than just unlocking your doors
By Jay Schulman, Principal

Businesses are starting to have conversations about when they will be able to reopen. How do companies ensure employees and customers feel comfortable coming back? Given that current estimates show that social distancing will be necessary for the next two to 11 months, it’s important to plan.

Return-to-Work Checklist for Employers Reopening Their Businesses
By Faith C. Whittaker & Hayley Geiler

In anticipation of federal and state restrictions lifting as COVID-19 cases and deaths decrease, employers should start planning their employees’ return to work now. Employers must continue to follow the CDC, WHO, and state guidance to maintain a safe workplace while also complying with multiple employment laws. The following are general considerations for employers who are strategizing their return to work. Note that each employer and industry is different and will need a specifically tailored plan.

Goering Center Webinars

Webinar Series | Ask Our Experts: COVID-19

Topic: HR Law
Published March 31, 2020

Equipping business owners and HR professionals with the latest information needed to manage the impact of the coronavirus on family and privately-owned businesses and their employees. The Goering Center presents Lee Geiger of Graydon Law and Tina Taylor of HR Elements to discuss the state of COVID-19, its issues and impact, as of March 31.

Topic: What Leaders Need to Know Now - Leading Rapid Change (Part 1)
Published April 1, 2020

According to Goldman Sachs survey this month, 87 percent of small businesses are not prepared with contingency plans in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. Leaders are experiencing unprecedented challenges they have never faced before. In What Leaders Need to Know Now: Leading Rapid Change (Part I), leaders will gain an understanding of the external and internal analysis process needed to rapidly find solutions and set new vision and plans to lead their teams forward. This webinar is presented by Diane Egbers and Travis Nipper of Leadership Excelleration, along with Carol Butler of the Goering Center.

Topic: Sales & Marketing – Balancing Compassion with Results
Published April 6, 2020 

The Goering Center presents Pam Beigh, CEO of SalesCORE, and Amy Connor, president and owner of CMO OnLoan, as they help sales and marketing leaders balance compassion with results. Pam and Amy will outline the mission-critical focus items for sales and marketing over the next 30, 60 and 90 days, and help participants think about an action plan that will keep teams focused, accountable and motivated.

Topic: Inflection Point – Navigating New Waters with Your Family Business (or Business Family)  
Published April 7, 2020

Dealing with ambiguity is a critical skillset for leaders and it’s a skillset being tested like never before. If you own or lead a family business (or a close-knit business family), you are swimming in uncharted waters. Whether business is booming or sales have completely dried up, you are challenged to shift your perspective to keep revenue flowing while tackling everything from the Family First and CARES acts, to equipping a remote workforce, to observing your most trusted team members reveal themselves in times of crisis. It’s a lot.Replace with your text

Topic: Working securely from home – 10 critical best practices for your (suddenly) remote workforce 
Published April 8, 2020

IT security is a team effort – now and always. Whether your workforce is suddenly working from home, or has been working remotely for quite some time, it’s critical they understand 10 best practices to protect your company and its network. Join the experts from Full Service Networking April 8 for this important overview developed for business owners, their IT support team, and remote workers who just don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to safely working from home.

Topic: Cash is King (Or Queen) – Tools to help manage cash flow
Published April 9, 2020

You can stay in business, and even prosper, during times of economic crisis. All cycles swing back and this down cycle will certainly be steep and painful for many businesses. However, you can get through this cycle with proper cash flow management. Join Mackey McNeil and the team from Mackey Advisors for tools, tips and resources to help you survive to thrive.

Topic: Prioritize and Solve Your Biggest Issues with Traction's IDS Process  
Published April 15, 2020

There is no shortage of issues to be solved for business owners today, and you can burn a lot of energy endlessly discussing, or worse, prematurely reacting to the emergency of the day. The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), widely known as “Traction,” provides simple, streamlined tools to help you work more effectively. Join us for a focused, one-hour discussion between local business owners that will teach you how to identify and prioritize your most important business issues, get your team aligned on a solution, and take decisive action. Crystal Faulkner, tax partner at MCM and professional EOS implementer, will be joined by Rex Wetherill, CEO of Hydrotech and IOT Diagnostics, and Sylvia Ellert, their Corporate Sales Director. The team will zero in on the fourth of six key components of the Traction system – “Issues” – and will explore the IDS process.

Topic: What Leaders Need to Know Now - Leading Rapid Change (Part 2)
Published April 22, 2020

96 percent of small businesses say they have really been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak - let us help you gain clarity to take appropriate action in your business. In What Leaders Need to Know Now: Leading Rapid Change (Part 1), leaders Acknowledged the Reality of the crisis impact to your business and Assessed the Change needed. Now, let’s take the next steps together…in What Leaders Need to Know Now: Leading Rapid Change (Part 2), leaders will learn more about how imperative it is to create rapid change by Acting Decisively and Aligning the Team to achieve the most important work in your business.

Topic: Winning in the Next 90 Days: Best Operating Practices for Recovery
Published April 29, 2020

As businesses enter a new operating phase in the COVID-19 timeline, your success may be determined by doubling-down on your operating plan and supercharging it with a more disciplined focus that aligns the entire organization on completing shorter-term initiatives. Daily and weekly adaptability, clarity, communication, discipline, and focus will win the day in the next phase. This hands-on webinar is for business leaders and their leadership teams. Leadership teams will leave with a framework for a 90-day work plan, a weekly operating rhythm, and specific measurements, targets, and owners to track progress. Attendees are encouraged to have their current operating plans, goals, and measurements on hand for reference.

Topic: Driving Value with an Offense Mindset 
Published May 6, 2020

Business owners with a plan for when and how they’ll sell are far more likely to optimize their return when it’s time to pull that trigger. But all plans can be threatened by sudden death or illness, or crippling market shifts caused by many things, including a global pandemic. The Goering Center’s 10 Best Practices equip owners to lead with an offense mindset – helping them maximize the value of their business – so they can transition with the most favorable terms possible when that moment comes. Join our experts as we take a deep dive on the four best practices proven to be the biggest value drivers.

Video Chat | Business Boards
Topic: Informal, informational chat for anyone curious about establishing a Board of Advisors
Published May 14, 2020

In the past five years, the Goering Center has helped more than 70 regional businesses establish an outside advisory board with its turnkey, seven step process. The Center’s Engagement Director, Steve McLemore, is joined by two of our business advisors, David Deye and Jim Miller. Together, they’ve helped businesses with revenues from $1 million to $500 million (and all points in between) get their boards up and running, yielding significant and measurable ROI.

Topic: Welcome to the Jungle: Your Amazon Survival Guide
May 20, 2020, 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. 

Feeling the Amazons of the world breathing down your back is scary and brings added pressure to your business. Sign up for this webinar and join our panel of experts to create a survival guide that will help you navigate the business jungle. From innovation to collaboration, get the tools to build an economic moat around your business.

Recommended Webinars

BKD CPA's & Advisors 
Tax Considerations Surrounding COVID-19
Published March 26, 2020
Presenters: Yelena Bosovik, Julia Dengel, Jesse Palmer

In light of COVID-19, Congress recently passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act, and the IRS and U.S. Department of the Treasury extended the tax payment deadline to July 15, 2020. Find out what we’ve learned so far about these response efforts, including answers to some commonly asked questions, as well as future relief measures we expect to see. We’ll also discuss planning strategies to help with financial protection for your families and communities during this time of economic uncertainty.

BKD CPA's & Advisors 
COVID-19 PPP Loan Forgiveness: What We Know 
Published May 18, 2020
Presenters: James Anderson, Robert Conner, Tad Goodenbour 

The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) was rolled out to provide critical support to countless businesses heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. One aspect of the loan is especially enticing to borrowers: loan forgiveness. With many businesses now halfway through the eight-week period to spend their loan proceeds, the issue of properly calculating loan forgiveness amounts is of critical importance. Join BKD Trusted Advisors as we review these provisions to help you navigate the rules around this significant issue. 


Leadership Excelleration   
The Leading Edge Podcast: Diane Egbers on Being the Leader People Will Follow During Crisis

In this episode, Travis Nipper sits down with Diane Egbers, CEO and Founder of Leadership Excelleration and co-author of The Ascending Leader, to talk about the current health crisis and how our listener can go about being the leader people will follow during crisis.

Centennial & Talent Magnet Institute   
Talent Magnet Insitute Podcast 

The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast is committed to developing leaders to succeed in relationships, work, community, and life: we’ll reframe what success means, and you’ll hear the personal stories of successful leaders from around the globe. From the highest of highs to the lowest of lows, every guest has a unique story to tell and insights to bring. Discover how to achieve a new type of success that goes much deeper than profits: culture, talent, and holistic leadership.

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