LAUNCH UC Overnight Business Startup Program

How do businesses really work? What helps organizations, large and small, to lead, innovate, and achieve excellence? Am I well suited to become an entrepreneur? What skills do I need to launch my own successful company? Get answers to these questions and more at LAUNCH, the UC Overnight Business Startup Program. Compete for $1,000 in cash prizes, meet angel investors and venture capitalists, tackle university-level business case studies, and interact with expert entrepreneurs and award-winning faculty.

LAUNCH is a week-long overnight program that orients high school students to the world of business and enables exploration of Cincinnati's thriving business community and startup ecosystem. LAUNCH! gives students a head start on their university career, and prepares them to enter the world of business. Participants engage in a university level curriculum, enjoy fun interactive exercises and games, tour UC’s main campus and visit companies around Cincinnati, develop and present their business ideas to real entrepreneurs and investors, and compete for cash prizes in UC’s Shark Tank.


High school students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible to apply. A limited number of spots are available for students from each high school. Each applicant must have a high school teacher, counselor, or administrator endorse their application, and your application will be answered in three business days. Fees are due with your application and will be refunded if you are not accepted to the program. This program will require an average of one hour of preparation per week. The program cost is $1,279.