Greater Cincinnati Venture Association

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The Greater Cincinnati Venture Association (GCVA) is a channel to rally the Cincinnati technology startup community. We believe Cincinnati has the resources to be the premier startup destination in the Midwest so everything GCVA does fosters this sense of community.

There are more than 20 organizations supporting “StartupCincy” but none are comprised of volunteers acting as the “point guard” for the community. Our leadership consists of young, entrepreneurial volunteers involved with several of Cincinnati’s startup organizations giving us a pulse of the region’s strengths and needs. We pride ourselves on being for the community, by the community.

GCVA hosts ongoing events like Breakfast Club, in which four startups of varying stages get the opportunity to showcase their work to the community, and, JoeThirty, where one founder shares their story with the community, is an interactive conversation that fosters the community’s specific asks & needs.

Two additional programs GCVA offers:

“GCVA Recognizes” – a flexible program that could be an awards show, celebratory dinner, or blog article highlight people and products doing great things in Cincinnati

“Bounty Weeks” – ten to 14 days during which local CTOs open their code base for programmers to try and solve pre-specified challenges with a corresponding financial “bounty” for those able to crack the code.  

If you are a UC student or entrepreneur and want to get more involved with Cincinnati’s entrepreneurship community, GCVA is a welcome front-door! Students can attend any of GCVA’s events for free which allow for networking and information gathering.

Contact GCVA:
1776 Mentor Avenue, Box 540
Cincinnati, OH