Apex Advanced Power Explorations logo

Hunter Campbell (CEAS: BS 18), Bryant Crouch (CEAS: BS 18), Zach Jones (CEAS: BS 18), Andrew Stockdale (DAAP: BS 18)

Last year alone, over 8 million electric utility customers were affected by power outages due to weather or maintenance related events. These occurrences are all connected by one factor: the electric grid. In addition to its instability, the electric grid is costly, and inefficient. Our solution, the natural gas microturbine solves this problem by creating power at the location it is needed, removing the customer’s connection to the electric grid. Our product also saves the customer money by using the exhaust heat to heat up the home. The microturbine is the solution to reliable and inexpensive power.

C.B. Reeds & Tools logo with Custom Reeds, Reed Making, Tools & Supplies tagline and address

Cullen Blain (CCM: PhD 18)

CB Reed & Tools supports professionals and students alike through a full line of performance ready reeds, high-quality supplies, and precision tools.

Nuekie logo

Eunice Cofie (CoP: MS 17)

Nuekie is an innovative health and beauty company for people of color. We plan to solve this by providing a skin products tailored to the unique structure and function of ethnic skin. According to the Center for Disease Control, the most common dermatologic disorders affecting people of color (i.e. African, Hispanic, Native American, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Pacific Islanders) the chronic conditions called acne vulgaris and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). We plan to solve this by providing a skin products tailored to the unique structure and function of ethnic skin reducing inflammation and discoloration.

Parity logo with Life Balanced tagline

Benjamin Cerchio (LCB: BBA 16), Cole Hazenfield (LCB: BBA 16)

Our team at Parity comes from a background filled with endless hours of testing, re-testing, adding chemicals, and dealing with the headache that any pool, hot tub, and spa becomes when it is out of balance. The Parity smart monitor allows pool, hot tub, or spa owners to do away with the standard pool chemical testing kits through our application based, sensor-driven device.

Performance Solution Corp. logo

Brandon Miller (CEAS: BS 17, LCB: MBA 17)

For companies that require water samples, who spend enormous resources to gather quality samples, will benefit from Performance Solution Corp. that use marine-capable unmanned aerial vehicles to autonomously extract samples reducing time and resources.

urbanHive logo

Tom Savoca (DAAP: BS 16)

urbanHive is an online staffing management and recruiting platform that allows employers to find, contract, and manage their entry level workforce on demand. In the $115B staffing market, urbanHive seeks to replace the wait times, poor service, and ineffective pricing models of existing players with a seamless tech product. Our goal it to create meaningful employment relationships which encourage professional growth.

All We Are logo

Andrew Garner (CEAS: BS 15, LCB: MBA 15), Cameron Whiteman (CEAS: BS 15), Chelsea Sherman, Mark Miller (CEAS: BS 15), Tommy Migaki (DAAP: BS 15)

All We Are brings solar panel systems to schools in Uganda. The African supplier is Solar Africa which provides the best quality components to schools in the area. All We Are manages the project, including purchasing materials and providing manpower, free of charge to the school. The system design is flexible and optimized for the usage at each client location.

Bailout logo

Erik Zamudio (LCB: BBA 14), Michael Ragsdale (A&S: BS 01, DAAP: BS 17), Patrick Henke (DAAP: BS 17)

Bailout is the future of self-rescue technology. Our initial focus is the multi-billion dollar firefighting market, eventually targeting other relevant verticals (military, commercial, and residential). The product combines everything required for a standard self-rescue kit into one highly functional product, small enough to fit in a pocket. Bailout’s patented technology uses magnetics and electricity to create the first self-braking rescue product. This technology allows the user to simply deploy their hook, anchor in, and jump hands-free (ideal for situations involving an unconscious victim).

CarPal logo

Hashan Godakanda (CEAS: BS 17), Ray Hollingsworth (DAAP: BS 16), Tumal Karunaratne (LCB: MBA 15), Zachary Hawke (CEAS: BS 15)

CarPal is an innovative peer-to-peer package delivery service that provides affordable delivery at your door. Utilizing the sharing economy takes advantage of vehicles already en route to a customer’s intended destination. This model eliminates overhead by acting as an online platform to directly connect senders and potential delivery users. CarPal’s delivery service is built for the hands-on, tech user, with constant GPS tracking, streamlined yet adjustable pricing and peer-to-peer ratings to ensure trust and enhance reliability. Peer-to-peer shipping streamlines package delivery making it cheaper, faster, and greener. CarPal offers the “whole package delivery” for your package delivery. 

Helping Hands logo with stethoscope

Randi Horne (CON: MSN 15)

A team of two Registered Nurses will accept client care for surgeons and personal cases around Houston, TX and surrounding areas. Each home visit will include a vital signs check, explanation of aftercare instructions, which is provided by each physician. Dressing change with incision assessment is mandatory. Lastly all assessment will be noted and signed by client and healthcare professional. Client will be able to call a RN cell phone up until 3p each day to ask any questions.

Hemodyn script H logo

Keith Saum (CoM: MD, PhD 19)

Hemodyn Vascular is a start-up medical device company whose mission is to lengthen and improve the quality of life for patients on hemodialysis by reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with vascular access complications.  Our novel vascular implants seek to optimize blood flow within the vasculature by removing turbulence which leads to vessel narrowing. In addition to optimizing blood flow, our devices also protect the vessel from arteriovenous fistula stenosis, a common problem with vascular stents.

Protech Sensors logo

Geethanga de Silva (CEAS: PhD 16)

Protech Sensors is developing advanced sensors, which detect volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Our VOC sensing technology has applications in a wide range of industries, such as forensic science, homeland security and defense, industrial exposure monitoring, home safety, pharmaceutical, and medical.