Goering Center Webinars

Welcome to the Jungle: Your Amazon Survival Guide  
Published May 20, 2020
Presenters: Johnna Reeder Kleymeyer, Maggie Nichols, Jana Roszkowski

Feeling the Amazons of the world breathing down your back can be scary and bring added pressure to your business. However, "necessity is the mother of invention"…during this abnormal time, watch this webinar to learn how to create a survival guide to help you navigate the business jungle. From innovation to collaboration, get the tools to build an economic moat around your business.

Tech's Triumph  
Published June 10, 2020
Presenters: David Goodwin, Tracy Ruberg, Ty Dubay, Matt Fischer 

Mike’s is not a car wash…it is a tech company that washes cars. Just like another local tech company – Curiosity – that provides creative services. Both businesses use technology to differentiate themselves, and you can, too. If you’re an owner who needs convincing, or a leader who needs to motivate your management team to stop viewing technology as a cost center, invest 60-minutes in this webinar featuring the business leaders who have made it happen for their own companies – and countless others. Get excited about what’s possible!

Overview Webinar | Communication and Culture Institute 
Published June 17, 2020
Presenters: Jill Grear, Judy Ellis

The Communication and Culture Institute is designed for both family and private businesses by Scroggins Grear. Owners, successors and leadership teams can acquire and practice the skills needed to create a performance-enhancing culture, or change the behavior that is contributing to a dysfunctional culture. Together, you can learn how to use new tools such as charters, councils and communication plans, to design an action plan. Watch this webinar to explore if this institute is the right next step for your organization.