Centennial, Inc.

Firm overview

Centennial, Inc. is a privately held family business currently experiencing a 2nd generation transition. We have represented family businesses for 35 years and personally and professionally understand the challenges and opportunities our clients face. We serve as business advisors who focus solely on the talent and leadership of our client companies. Since 1975 our mission has stayed the same...connecting business leaders with the best talent and resources to improve their businesses, careers and personal lives.

Products and/or services

The organizations and clients we represent are experiencing some level of change, challenge or opportunity and hiring, developing, engaging or retaining the talent and leadership is critical to their success. Family owned and privately held companies have been a focus of our firm for 35 years. We have a deep rooted respect for the legacy an organization has established and the sensitivity to ‘change' that takes place as it relates to your people. Our clients trust us to serve as a full-service solution and business advisor to assist them in aligning the talent and leadership necessary to achieve the expected business goals and vision of the organization.

This drives our multi-disciplined practice to provide clients with the highest quality service in the areas of attracting, recruiting, developing, engaging and retaining an organization's top talent and leadership. Our goal is to enable a company to successfully change and grow while maintaining what has made the organization successful – your culture and people!

Past/current involvement with the Goering Center

Centennial, Inc., Mike Sipple Jr. & Mike Sipple Sr., graduated from the Next Generation Institute in 2007. Mike Jr. is also a graduate of the Leadership Development Institute and an active member in one of the founding Next Generation roundtables. Mike Sr. also participates in the roundtable program and serves on the Board of Advisors. Centennial is a dedicated member of the Goering Center and is always happy to serve as a reference.

Special offer for Goering Center Core Members

Centennial, Inc. is open to being a part of or leading a strategy session to discuss the current and future leadership and talent opportunities that face your organization. We are happy to provide guidance, thought leadership and action steps as a result of the meetings and are also open to serve as a BOD or BOA member.

Contact information

Primary contact: Mike Sipple, Jr.
8044 Montgomery Road, Suite 260
Cincinnati, OH 45236

Year Company/Firm Founded: 1975