Scholarships and Awards

Student of the Year

Joseph Kappen, left, and Molly Hinken pose with CEC Student of the Year awards

2018 Graduate Student of the Year, Joseph Kappen (pictured left)

  • MBA & MS Marketing ‘18
  • Inventor of the Protégé education platform
  • 3rd Place Graduate Team Winner at IQ-E Pitch Competition
  • Studied international business in China
  • Accepted full-time position at 84.51°



2018 Undergraduate Student of the Year, Molly Hinken (pictured right)

  • BBA, Entrepreneurship and Accounting ‘17
  • Studied global business in South America
  • Small Business Institute (SBI) program consultant 
  • Original member of the innovative Technology Commercialization class 
  • Accepted full time position with EY consulting

2017: Jack Johnson (UG) / Harrison Rogers (G)
2016: Hannah Green (UG) / Ryan Duncan (G)
2015: Jill Demboski
2014: David Schuler
2013: Michael Buettner
2012: Josh Rudd
2011: Jennifer Hacker
2010: Charles Rinehart/Jordan Brewer
2009: Daniel Cremons
2008: Derek Brown
2007: Joshua Utter

California Scents Scholarship

Paige Bausch headshot

California Scents Scholarship recipient Paige Bausch

Since 2004, this annual scholarship has been made possible due to the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. Gus Doppes, co-founders of California Scents. Mr. Doppes, a 1970 UC graduate, established the scholarship fund to encourage the study of entrepreneurial business, and to recognize and support the academic achievements of students with a concentration in this field. 

All full-time undergraduate students enrolled in an entrepreneurship major, entrepreneurship minor, a certificate in family business, or a UC Forward Certificate are eligible to apply.

Award Criteria
Academic performance in innovation and entrepreneurship-related coursework as well as service to UC’s entrepreneurship-oriented departments, centers, programs, student organizations, and events will all be considered when evaluating candidates.

Applications can be submitted at any time up until the end of August each year. To apply for this scholarship, students should email their resume and a brief cover letter here.

Awards are announced fall semester each year. Contact Center Director Tom Dalziel for more information.

2015: Mitchell Powers
2014: Bryan Weis
2013: Morgan Brink
2012: William 'Gage' Whitehead
2011: Amin Shawki
2010: Michael Arnovitz
2009: Chris Foti
2008: Kristin Mikkelson
2007: Ryan McMullen
2006: Hailey J. Werthasier
2005: Jenna N. Lucius
2004: Derek Brown

Albert W. Goering Memorial Scholarship

2017-18 Recipients

Noah Beiting
Rebekah Durham
Nicole Eggert
Adam Paulson
Dylan Shoup
Samuel Steiden

The Albert W. Goering Memorial Scholarship is provided on behalf of the sons of Albert W. Goering- John B. Goering and his brothers. Scholarship applicants must be in good standing in the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. Preference is given to Entrepreneurship/Family Business students and those within the Kolodzik Business Scholars Program.

2016: Max Agranoff, Ashley Boggs, Ashley Colbert, Cody DiFabio, Rebekah Durham, Jack Harback, Jeffrey Henize, Chase Jeffries, Kamree Maull, Edward Rivin, Caroline Shapiro, Kara Svenson, Erica Switzer, Ngoc Tran, Sydney Vollmer
2012: Maria Cassidy, Benjamin Combs, Alexander Cook, Lane Hart, Brittany Lewis, Alexandra Loewenstine, James Love, Rachel Niederhausen, Jared Yates
2011: Maria Cassidy, Benjamin Combs, Alexander Cook, Lane Hart, Brittany Lewis, Alexandra Loewenstine, James Love, Rachel Niederhausen, Jared Yates, Raymond Burzynski, Jillian Mackzum, Matthew Schoch, Kevin Siegle, Taylor Spears
2010: Sophia Calloway, Maria Cassidy, Benjamin Combs, Alexander Cook, Brittany Lewis, Alexandra Loewenstine, James Love, Rachel Niederhausen, Lindsay Rippingale and Jared Yates.
2009: Lane Hart, Benjamin Combs and Maria Cassidy
2008: Jennifer Maslyn, Ryan McMullen, Jeremy Reed, Amy Stroh
2007: Kristin Mikkelson

Chicago Ventures Student Fellows

Spencer Keith headshot

Chicago Ventures Student Fellow Spencer Keith

Chicago Ventures is a seed-stage venture capital firm that invests in technology-enabled business in Chicago and the central region of the country. Each fall, they recruit a cohort of the most entrepreneurial, curious and bright students from schools throughout the Midwest to act as Student Fellows.

Student Fellows act as boots on the ground in early startup ecosystems, from Omaha to Cincinnati to Iowa City, sharing the inside scoop, providing perspective on industries the fund wants to learn more about, and scouting startups.

Students get a first-hand view into how a venture firm operates, access to the team and portfolio companies, and a network of their fellow Fellows that they can tap into for the rest of their professional lives.

Each year's students have been deeply involved in entrepreneurial efforts on campus and in their cities, whether it’s running their campus incubator space, student venture funds, or student-run entrepreneurship groups.

For more information contact Lindsay Knight, Marketing Associate, Chicago Ventures.