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2022-2023 Impact Report

Entrepreneurial Knowledge Base

We often refer students and ecosystem members to check out our Entrepreneurial Knowledge Base for resources from creating a business plan to legal resources and everything in between.  

Small Business Institute (SBI) Consulting Program

The University of Cincinnati is a charter member of The Small Business Institute® (SBI) program and The Small Business Institute Directors' Association (SBIDA). Located in the Lindner College of Business, the SBI facilitates a mutual exchange between students who want to learn more about small business, and organizations that want to further their success.

Center Research

The Center for Entrepreneurship's research focuses on enhancing our understanding of entrepreneurial career choice, entrepreneurial actions (innovation, new entries, initial public offerings) and their antecedents (boards of directors, top management teams) in public corporations and private businesses, inclinations to launch new ventures, and practical suggestions to enhance firm survivability once launched. 

How Entrepreneurship Applies to your Industry

As a college student, you may ask yourself how attending courses and programs in Entrepreneurship benefits your career trajectory.  Check our this site we made specifically to help students understand their own competitive advantage in their industry by gaining entrepreneurial skills.  Industries featured range from Accounting to Communication Design to Tech.

Famous UC Startups & Companies

With a diverse array of world-class colleges, UC is a highly entrepreneurial university! We created a page to recognize the entrepreneurial achievements of UC alumni, students, faculty and staff from all across the university.  Check out Famous UC Startups & Companies below.

2021-2022 Impact Report

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