New Venture Championship

Student pitching

Students from all colleges and levels are invited to pitch their new business or product idea to guest judges for a chance to win part of the $20,000 prize pool. Open to all UC students.  Held in Spring semester.

The 2024 competition will be held on April 4th @ 5:30PM at the1819 Innovation Hub Auditorium (Room 230).

To apply for the New Venture Championship, students submit a one page executive summary describing your venture idea, traction, key challenges and near-term goals. 

Your executive summary should include the following: 

  • Overview (1-3 sentence summary of the business)

  • Problem you're solving and market size (how many people have this problem ?)

  • Solution you're developing to solve the problem

  • Business model (how are you/how do you plan on making money?)

  • Stage of development (concept, prototype, piloting, or selling ?)

  • Funding needs and strategy

  • Key challenges

Apply for the New Venture Championship by March 15th @ 11:59PM.

Student pitching

For any questions, please contact Josie Dalton at