Defining Moments Consulting, Inc.

Firm Overview:

Feeling stuck? Anxious about how to have those difficult talks with family business members? Want to gain some fresh insights into how to lead the business? Ready to move in some new directions?
Those are defining moments, and for 20 years Defining Moments Consulting founder and president, Paul Heagen, has coached executive leaders to overcome the barriers – real or imagined – that hold them or their business back. 

Services and/or Products:

  • Family dynamics and conflict resolution
  • Helping family business members get unstuck and stay on plan with succession
  • One-on-one leadership coaching – confronting the gaps, leveraging the natural talents, broadening skills
  • Leadership team alignment – getting everyone on the same page without everyone being the same
  • Learning in Real time – one of only 50 coaches worldwide certified in the ChangeWorks method, which ties coaching directly to desired business outcomes
  • Pride-Based Leadership – learning how to leverage values, legacy and purpose to create a business you and others can be proud of

Past/Current Involvement with the Goering Center:

Served as an instructor for three years in the Next Generation Institute. Current member of Goering Board of Advisors. Member of Special Events Committee. Serves as facilitator for Goering Center Roundtable group. Develops articles and content used in Goering Center programs.

Special Offer(s) for Goering Center Core Members:

Will conduct a free, personalized ChangeWorks assessment – the world’s only activity-based leadership assessment system.

Contact Information:

Primary Individual Contact:

Paul Heagen - Founder and President
2651 Observatory Ave., Suite 204B
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
Year Company/Firm Founded: 1997