Firm overview

  • Retirement plans: #1 provider: DB plans & Non-qual DC plans + #1 recordkeeper: ESOPs
  • Insurance: #3 provider: Group Benefits
  • Workplace culture: Best Employers For Women, in Money Management and for Diversity
  • Company ethics: One of the World's Most Ethical Companies

In July 2019, we completed the purchase of Wells Fargo IRT. Doing so positions us a “top-three” leader in the U.S. retirement industry and solidifies retirement as the heart of our business.

We have $703 billion in AUM, and you can trust us to manage your money, too. Join our customers worldwide, whom we serve through a national network of financial professionals and a diverse family of companies with offices in 19 countries.

Services and/or products


Informal Business Valuation
Asset Allocation Analysis
Buy-Sell Review
Benefit Check-Up
Financial Needs Analysis

Financial Needs

Business Continuation     
Buy-Sell Agreements
Estate Planning
Charitable Giving
Retirement Planning
College Funding
Tax-Deferred Savings
Deferred Compensation Plans
Income Protection
Executive Bonus Plans
IRAs (Traditional & Roth)
Key Person Insurance
Retirement Account Rollovers
Executive Benefit Strategies
Salary Continuation
Pension Plans
Split Dollar Plans
Survivor Income
Supplemental Retirement Income
Wealth Accumulation Strategies


Solutions 401(k), 403(b), SEP, Simple  Trust Services    
Life Insurance
Group (Life, Health, Dental, Vision, Wellness)
Disability Income Insurance
529 Plans
Mutual Funds
Long-Term Care Insurance
IRAs (Roth, Traditional, Safe Harbor)
Retirement Plans (DB & DC)
Brokerage / Wrap Accounts
Fixed & Variable Products

Past/current involvement with the Goering Center

Larry Grypp (Goering Center president emeritus) was the first leader I met from the Goering Center. Mark LaRosa was the first member I got to know. Paul Spiegelman and Tim Rettig were two of my favorite speaker presentations. Todd Wilkowski, Goering Center associate member, is one of my trusted business partners and Tim Warren is a good friend of mine. Steve Hater and David Miller do great work serving on the Goering Center staff. I can’t say enough wonderful words about the Center, its events and members - endearing, impactful and enduring. I recently joined the Center and look forward to contributing the mission of the organization.

Special offer for Goering Center Core Members

  • —Do you strategically look for selfless connectors and visionary leaders to spend time with and desire to be part of something bigger than yourself?
  • What is your greatest current or anticipated challenge for building efficiencies in hiring practices to reduce cost and duration and make a perfect match?
  • Are you driving major strategic initiatives to proactively seek out and uncover hidden talent, better understand their own unique higher calling, as well as contribute to their personal or professional missions, and if so, in what ways?

I’m starting an organization I’d like you to get to know called GIVETOGET (GTG). At GTG, we seek selfless connectors who possess a servant leadership mindset where giving is the focus of relationships. Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. We believe life is about proactively contributing to the mission of others without expecting anything in return. If you agree, I’d love to connect. As a visionary leader in the career transition assistance world, GTG sees the potential for how the world should exist for matching employers to talent and we’re taking steps to get there. Why? Because we’ve been on both sides and now it’s our passion to pay it forward. Pursue your passion, define your vision, live your life on purpose, and contribute to a common mission as we build GTG in Cincinnati.

Contact information

Primary contact: Jonathan Mardis
4555 Lake Forest Dr, Suite 230
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Year Company/Firm Founded: 1879