The New Sales Frontier

It's time to make your sales team a part if your competitive advantage.

Selling as a competitive advantage

The sales landscape dramatically changed first with the advent of the internet: buyers were suddenly able to do their own research and were not reliant on the salesperson for product or service education. The COVID-19 pandemic represents a second shift-change in the world that sales people must now sell to. 

Sales organizations of today have the opportunity to become a differentiator and competitive advantage for their company. This program lays out the why and the how to get there.

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Who Should Participate

Business Owners/Presidents/CEOs and top sales leaders.

Program Format

The New Sales Frontier is a newer program for 2024, designed to tackle the ever-changing sales landscape. One half-day session held on April 11 will cover all five topics addressed in years prior. 

  1. Foundational Grounding: Sales culture in today's selling environment
    This session provides the basis for the course in its entirety. Deep dive into and high-level impact of the research coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic describing how the job of sales has drastically changed.

  2. Impact on People: Customer segmentation and sales organization structure
    Setting the groundwork: what are the current sales models and how will they need to change to address the new environment.

  3. Impact on Process: Competitive positioning, messaging and process
    Leveling the playing field by understanding good vs bad messaging, developing participants' messages and matching the sales process to the buying process

  4. Impact on Process: Sales planning - by account and annual
    Strategic planning: define a comprehensive strategic account plan and annual sales plan.

  5. Impact on Systems: Accountability for positive performance
    Understanding what the key performance metrics (KPIs) are and the best practice tools and processes for tracking and measuring them.

Dates and Times

2024 Session Date: April 11, 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Pricing Information

Member price: $599.00
Non-member price: $699.00

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