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At Mike Taylor Consulting, we'll help you build an enduring brand that grows your business and empowers your employees, using the science of branding and the art of emotional storytelling. We bring everyone through the process, so the entire organization feels they own the brand. We ensure your branding and marketing successfully deliver results in the market, so your brand and business thrive for years to come.

Products and/or services

We offer a full range of branding, marketing, and sales services, from strategy, analysis/research, advertising, web/UX, and content. Please see the complete list at https://miketaylorconsulting.com/Services. Here are some services that would be most helpful to Goering Center Members.

  1. Brand Strength and Vulnerability Assessment: Your brand is your business's greatest asset because a strong and consistent brand built over time guarantees future earnings. Before spending more money on branding and marketing, shouldn't you know how well your brand is doing? What are your strengths and weaknesses, and what's your path forward?
  2. Culture & Story Advantage: Your Culture and Story set you apart from other companies. This work is the first step in the branding process and results in assets you can use immediately to grow your business and empower your organization.

Describe your past/current involvement with the Goering Center

Some of my best clients have been Goering Center members. Over the past five years, I've been honored to help them build their businesses, grow their brand, and leverage the power of their people. I've joined the Goering Center because of its mission and because its members are the businesses and people I'd like to work with and help grow through better branding and marketing.

Describe a special offer you would make to the Goering Center Core Members

Founder & Family Branding: We all know the story of Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, etc. We know where they came from, and that's part of the brand. We'll help you realize how much you've under-leveraged your founder status and show your customers how that matters to them in dollars and cents.

Contact Information

Primary contact: Mike Taylor
1617 East McMillan Street, Suite 401
Cincinnati, OH 45206

Year founded: 2006