Carl H. Lindner III Center for Insurance and Risk Management

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The Carl H. Lindner III Center for Insurance and Risk Management is an industry-leading research center that seeks to understand, analyze and improve how economies, enterprises and individuals manage risk and how decision-making under risk and uncertainty can be improved.

By engaging faculty and students throughout the University of Cincinnati and (inter)nationally recognized scholars in insurance and risk management research and collaboration, as well as cultivating industry partnerships, the Center is the premier provider of thought leadership through high-impact risk research and exchange of knowledge between academia and industry.


  • Promote the importance of risk management on an enterprise-wide basis as a critical component of protecting key organizational assets and resources and achieving organizational goals.
  • Support innovation in risk management through high-impact research, conferences and workshops, data analysis and risk analytics, and enterprise risk management consulting and training to help organizations effectively manage risk.
  • Stimulate interdisciplinary synergies at the University of Cincinnati, including finance, business analytics, professional selling, information technology and actuarial science to better serve the insurance and risk management profession.
  • Serve as an enterprise risk management resource center that fosters the development, collection and analysis of various risk data and information.

The Carl H. Lindner III Center for Insurance and Risk Management provides synergy among existing programs and organizations and serves as a catalyst in the risk management field and a vehicle for allocating greater resources to key needs in risk management.

Carl H. Lindner III Center for Insurance & Risk Management
2906 Woodside Drive, Suite 2331
Cincinnati, OH 45221
Phone: 513-556-7070

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Annette Hofmann

Academic Director, Carl H. Lindner III Center for Insurance and Risk Management, Virgil M. Schwarm Associate Professor of Finance and Investments

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