Marketing Graduate Certificates


Business executives, entrepreneurs, and professional practitioners who are interested in designing a career in marketing – or taking their current career to the next level – are taking advantage of the Marketing Graduate Certificate at the Lindner College of Business.

In this program, students acquire a solid foundation in marketing strategies and tactics and can intentionally customize the certificate electives to meet specific interests and career goals. Courses include marketing strategy, buyer behavior, marketing research, and branding.

In this versatile and flexible program, students can deepen their understanding of consumer psychology by taking courses in consumer decision science and influence strategies or branch into a new area of marketing through digital marketing or marketing innovation courses.

Taught by world-renowned faculty who bring their cutting-edge research knowledge into the course, courses can be completed on campus or online. Credits earned can be applied toward Lindner's Master of Science in Marketing degree (subject to separate application review and admission offer).

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing strategy is a subset of the broader business and marketing strategies, focused on leveraging digital channels and technologies to achieve marketing objectives. It involves leveraging various online platforms, technologies, and tools to create, deliver and analyze marketing efforts.

Lindner's Digital Marketing Graduate Certificate provides students the opportunity to cultivate a range of digital marketing skills, including developing marketing strategies, engaging target audiences, crafting compelling messages, designing effective campaigns and more. The program leverages our faculty’s rich expertise in digital strategy formulation, audience segmentation, consumer behavior, data analysis and optimization techniques.

Each course is designed and led by renowned faculty and can be completed on campus or online. Graduates are day-one ready for careers at advertising agencies, corporate marketing departments, e-commerce businesses or consulting firms, or may choose to pursue the Master of Science in Marketing degree.

Marketing Research

The goal of this certificate is to give students the combination of quantitative and marketing skills necessary to be successful market researchers.

Cincinnati is the headquarters to four leading market research firms: dunnhumby USA, Burke, Inc., Directions Research, and MarketVision Research. Nielsen, the nation's leading market researcher, also has a strong presence in Cincinnati.

Additionally, four leading market research presidents and CEOs received business degress from the University of Cincinnati:

  • Jeff Miller, MBA ‘87, CEO and chairman of the board of directors of Burke, Inc., in Cincinnati.
  • Adam Rodgers, BBA ‘83, president and CEO of MLV Group Inc., in Jupiter, Florida.
  • Randy Brooks, MBA ‘75, founder and president of Directions Research Inc., Cincinnati. Brooks founded Directions Research in 1988.
  • John Gongos, MBA ‘84, president and CEO of Gongos Research Inc., in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Gongos formed Gongos and Associates in 1991.

The University of Cincinnati’s Lindner College of Business has trained more CEOs and presidents of top 50 market research firms than any other university–more than Harvard, Columbia, USC, or Yale.

The certificate is made up of 12 semester credits, consisting of two core courses (six semester credits) and three elective courses (six semester credits).

The electives listed above represent the typical set from which most students will choose. Students may also be able to select other electives, with the approval of the Program Director.

Professional Selling and Sales Management

In today's marketplace, customers have access to more information and more vendors than ever before. Thus, success in sales now requires more than just product knowledge. You must also be able to understand your customers' needs, especially the unspoken ones, and use those insights to form lasting win-win relationships.

The professional selling and sales management certificate will hone your listening, selling and negotiation skills. The curriculum is ideal for new sales professionals as well as for mid-career
salespeople seeking leadership roles.

The certificate is made up of 12 semester credits, consisting of four core courses (eight semester credits) and one to two elective courses (four semester credits).

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