Public Economics Graduate Certificate

Are you interested in working for a nonprofit or the government? The Graduate Certificate in Public Economics teaches the economic principles and empirical techniques necessary for leadership in these organizations. 

After earning this certificate, you will be able to:

  • Develop an in-depth understanding of the institutions and incentives for careers in the public sector. Students are prepared to enter fields that include public health, education, environmental policy, and many others. 
  • Analyze and synthesize economic data sets from government agencies. 
  • Demonstrate statistical programming language skills and modelling techniques.
  • Present findings from an economic analysis project, both in writing and in front of an audience.

Graduates with a public economics certificate demonstrate to future employers that they are trained in the analytical techniques, methodologies, and economic theories necessary to succeed in a public service career. 

Program Snapshot: 12 Credit hour requirement

Core classes required:

  • Economics Data Analysis (2 credits)
  • Program Evaluation (2 credits)
  • Game Theory (2 credits)

Electives offered:

  • Health Economics (2 credits)
  • Urban & Regional Economics (2 credits)
  • Competition & Regulation (2 credits)
  • Topics in Macroeconomics (2 credits)
  • Environmental Economics* (2 credits) 

*Students have the opportunity to take this course through a study-abroad program at the Norwegian School of Economics in Bergen, Norway.

Headshot of Michael Jones, PhD

Michael Jones, PhD

Associate Professor-Educator, Department of Economics

2428 Carl H. Lindner Hall