Why study Economics?

Economics is the scientific study of how society manages its scarce resources. The economics minor at the UC Carl H. Lindner College of Business (Lindner) helps students develop strong research and analytical skills while exploring issues such as the production of goods and services and the distribution of income among people. Economics involves both the investigation of theories to explain economic systems and the application of these theories to areas such as finance and banking, labor relations, poverty reduction, taxation and investment.

Admission Requirements

Current Lindner students may add this minor to enhance their majors. Non-Lindner students already pursuing a baccalaureate degree in any college at the University of Cincinnati can add the minor to their program as long as they meet the following requirements:

  • Have 30 earned semester credit hours
  • Have at least a 3.0 University GPA and be enrolled in a four-year degree granting program
  • Complete at least 50 percent of all minor coursework in the Lindner College of Business
  • Earn a 2.0 in minor courses to be certified with the minor.

 To apply for the minor, students should visit the Lindner Programs Options site.

Students will be notified by email of their acceptance into the program and the process for registration in the Lindner classes required for the minor.

Students who add an economics minor typically possess the strong analytical skills necessary for interpreting and evaluating arguments. Most enjoy reading and are successful when asked to work independently. Economics students are critical thinkers who enjoy vigorous in-class discussions and like to apply their learning to real-world problems, as well as to theoretical concerns. Consequently, they enjoy researching and debating different points of view on wide-ranging issues involving public affairs.

Students who combine a minor in economics with another major increase their options for a wide variety of careers. Many career tracks require the kind of understanding and analysis of contemporary events and trends enhanced by the study of economics. These include professions in health, education, agriculture, urban and regional affairs, law, journalism, energy and environmental careers.

Success in today’s business environment is primarily driven by who students are and how they act. Accordingly, Lindner offers an innovative approach to business education that we call PACE. The PACE framework allows students to create a customized roadmap for developing proficiency in Professionalism,  Academics, Character and Engagement to ensure they can successfully pursue the personal and professional goals they are passionate about.


  • Lindner’s real-world learning opportunities ensure that our students learn the professional communication skills they need to excel in today’s business environment.
  • Lindner’s Career Services team works with undergraduate students in developing resumes, learning interviewing techniques and obtaining the practical skills that fulfill the expectations of businesses.


  • Lindner students are distinct individuals with unique goals and interests, and that is why our curriculum ensures that students have a foundational understanding of the key business functions. The breadth of majors and minors allows students to add a second major or minor that will customize their education for added value. Students can augment in-class learning with co-operative education, internships and international study abroad experiences of their choosing.


  • Character means having the strength and conviction to both lead and work with teams made up of diverse social, cultural and economic viewpoints. Ethics seminars, global experiences and leadership opportunities prepare students to deal with philosophical questions that have become real-world dilemmas. Lindner business courses help students build these skills through hands-on, collaborative projects, often working with Cincinnati businesses.


  • Students’ lives and careers will be comprised of much more than just work. Community service, citizenship and organizational involvement are all key components of personal growth. In Lindner, students are encouraged to get involved in the things they care about via the 20-plus student organizations within the Lindner College of Business, the 300-plus organizations within the University of Cincinnati and ongoing partnerships with service organizations like the United Way of Greater Cincinnati.

The Kautz-Uible (K-U) Fund provides fellowships to economics and business economics majors, typically in their junior or senior years.  Scholarship awardees are selected based on a holistic evaluation including strong academic credentials and financial need.  The application process begins in early March.  The K-U fund also provides funding for student activities and trips that allow students to further their experiential education by exploring international and domestic issues of economic importance.

The Undergraduate Economics Society provides an excellent opportunity for students to enhance their experience here at the university. Undergraduate economics and business economics majors are afforded an ideal setting to develop strong interpersonal and organizational skills, as well as long-lasting friendships. In the past, the society has organized off-campus trips, including tours of Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. These trips have been sponsored by the Hewett-Kautz Fund. The society, in conjunction with the department, has scheduled guest speakers and career development and placement seminars intended to assist and advise students on career choices. Meetings are held for its members and new faces are always welcome.

Students who have been accepted to the minor will see the minor appear on their application for graduation. Students apply for graduation in the minor as they normally would for their bachelor’s degree.

Application Deadlines

Applications deadlines for the business minors follow the “application for change in college” dates.

Fall Semester – July 1                   

Spring Semester – November 1               

Summer Semester – March 1

The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

The UC College of Business has been accredited continuously since 1919 by AACSB International, the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the premier accrediting agency for business colleges.

Contact Information

Matt Keaton
Carl H. Lindner Hall, Room 1352
Cincinnati, OH 25221-0020
(513) 556-7979

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