Artificial Intelligence in Business Graduate Certificate

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Business graduate certificate focuses on how to leverage AI platforms for developing solutions to business problems. While no prior experience with AI tools is required, a basic background in Python programming and information systems is helpful.

The curriculum features four required two-credit-hour courses, plus four elective credit hours (from seven elective course options) that must be fulfilled. AI in Business can be completed in two to three semesters (9 to 12 months) of study. It can be taken as a standalone certificate or can be easily paired with the Lindner MBAMaster of Science in Business Analytics or the Master of Science in Information Systems programs.

AI in Business syncs up with job opportunities across business fields, from data scientists, business analysts, financial advisors and investment managers, to marketing managers, information systems managers, and operations and supply chain managers.

This certificate provides students with flexibility (in-person or online options); hands-on experiential learning opportunities with the latest AI tools; access to expert faculty who are working on and researching AI’s latest business applications; and a connection to a Lindner's 50,000-strong alumni network, who can aid certificate recipients in landing job placements in a rapidly growing talent field.

AI is becoming a big part of business, and a lot of people want to upskill on AI quickly and learn how to apply AI to business. The intent of the certificate is to equip students with the correct tools and techniques to achieve this.

Sachin Modi, PhD, professor and OBAIS department head