Business Analytics

What is Business Analytics?

The Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics provides students with functional business area knowledge and analytics skills. Students will learn how to analyze data and apply descriptive, predictive and prescriptive models to business, organizational, and societal problems. The program emphasizes the ability to formulate insightful questions using data, and to interpret analytical models to improve decision making. Graduates of this program will have strong technical and quantitative abilities and be well prepared to enter the growing field of business analytics, or to pursue graduate studies.


The curriculum focuses on core business area knowledge, such as marketing, finance, accounting, economics and others, advanced applied mathematical and modeling skills, data exploration, visualization, and management skills, and the ability to use data to develop analytical methods.

Key areas of study include

  • Mathematics
  • Business Analytics Courses
  • Core Business Courses
  • Foreign Language or Study Abroad
  • Natural Science and Electives

The program can lead into a MS in Business Analytics and both can be completed in five years or less.

Review the program outline or contact the Lindner College of Business Undergraduate Office at 513-556-7030 for more information.

Real-World Experience

Business Analytics students have the opportunity to gain real-world data analytics experience through internships and class projects with the UC Center for Business Analytics member companies including P&G, Fifth Third Bank, GE Aviation, Kroger, Cincinnati Reds and several others.

Career Possibilities

Graduates with Business Analytics degrees are entering a field where there is high demand in all industries for students with analytics knowledge. Many go on to become business analysts or data scientists.

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