Considering Transferring?

Transferring to UC has never been easier. We don’t just evaluate your credits — we listen to your story. 

Considering the Lindner College of Business as the next step in your business education journey? We can't wait to have you! Below is everything you need to know to ensure smooth transfer to our college.

Math Requirement

Calculus is a required sequence in the Lindner College of Business. It is highly recommended that you begin your math sequence before transferring so that you do not fall behind your peers and you meet all graduation requirements. Students who have no college level math (which includes AP calculus) are much less likely to be admitted.

The exact math classes required of each student depends on the number of transferrable credits they are bringing to UC. If you have questions about what math class you need to complete before transferring, please contact the admissions team at


Transfer applicants to the Lindner College of Business should have at least a 2.5 GPA in all college-level course work (inclusive of college credit earned in high school) and have at least started their math classes moving towards college calculus or business calculus.

Required Materials:

  • If less than 24 hours of transferrable credit, final high school transcript.
  • Transcripts for all college coursework (including College Credit Plus or Dual Enrollment).
  • If you earned college work in high school, you must request the official transcript from the college or university that awarded the credit.
  • All official AP or IB test score reports sent from the testing agency.

If you have detailed questions about your transfer credits, contact UC’s Transfer and Transition Advising.

After Admission

Once you have made your decision to attend UC, you should confirm your admission to UC.

Within one week of confirming, the Lindner College of Business Advising Office will reach out to you to schedule orientation.