Data Analytics Graduate Certificate

Data analytics is growing rapidly in organizations across the globe. From large to small, public to private, and profit to nonprofit, organizations are using analytics to improve decision-making. Executives realize that leveraging new technologies and better utilizing available data can lead to more effective strategies and, ultimately, to better ways to service their customers.

However, many organizations lack the knowledge to effectively utilize data analytics. As a result, a strong demand for professionals with analytics skills has developed and will continue to grow. The data analytics certificate prepares individuals to develop logical data models, construct data warehouses, build visually effective data displays and use sophisticated analytical techniques to glean valuable insights.

The certificate includes four core courses (eight credits) and two elective courses (four credits).

Data analytics certificate curriculum
Course Type Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
8 credits
BANA 6043 Statistical Computing 2
BANA 7038 Data Analysis Methods 2
IS 6030 Data Management 2
IS 7034 Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence 2
4 credits
BANA 6037 Data Visualization 2
BANA 6044 Applications Development Using VBA 2
BANA 7046 Data Mining I 2
BANA 7047 Data Mining II 2
IS 7032 Database Design 2
IS 7036 Data Mining for Business Intelligence 2
IS 7038 Managing Business Intelligence Projects 2

The electives listed above represent the typical set from which most students will choose. Students may be able to choose other electives to match specific career goals, with the approval of the Program Director.

Due to class offerings, individuals interested in this certificate as a standalone program should apply to the spring or fall semesters.

To learn more about this certificate please contact:

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