Master of Arts in Human Resources

Why Lindner for Human Resources?

The University of Cincinnati Master of Arts in Human Resources prepares you for leadership roles in managing people and building employee capabilities. As human capital is increasingly recognized as a competitive advantage, leading firms are focusing more on talent acquisition and development, leadership training, and culture shaping.

The Lindner MA in Human Resources program is taught by both full-time faculty and experienced industry professionals. The human resources professionals of tomorrow need to be able to effectively communicate with their colleagues in functional areas such as finance, marketing, and accounting in order to best understand their human resource needs and translate them into action. As a result, our program includes both human resources and business administration courses in its curriculum.

What you'll learn

You will study a broad range of subjects within a solid management curriculum. Courses in Compensation, Benefits, Negotiation, Employment Law, HR Analytics, and more are taught by a mix of full-time faculty from the Lindner College of Business and experienced professionals from organizations in the region.

Required coursework includes 30 semester credit hours in total, beyond any needed courses to satisfy the prerequisite requirements.

The Basic Business Knowledge (BBK) requirements for all master's degrees offered in the Lindner College of Business are met by the prerequisite classes in Business Analytics, Finance, and Economics, along with Financial Accounting in the first semester.

Program length

The University of Cincinnati Master of Arts in Human Resources program may be completed as either a full-time student or as a part-time student and can be completed in as few as nine months or two semesters.

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Michael Wagner, PhD

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