Enterprise Resource Planning Graduate Certificate

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) graduate certificate is designed for students and working professionals who want to enhance their management and technical skills, or enter and advance careers in enterprise systems. No prior ERP experience is required and students acquire skills in the evaluation, installation, utilization and application of ERP software across multiple business functions.

Current graduate students from any discipline, IT professionals, project team members, and other professionals can benefit from a knowledge of ERP systems in any environment. Afternoon, evening and Saturday classes accommodate working professionals. Credits from the ERP graduate certificate can be applied towards a Master of Science in Information Systems degree.

The certificate includes four core courses (eight credits) and two elective courses (four credits).

ERP graduate certificate curriculum
  Course number Course title Credit hours Semester
8 credits
IS 7050 ERP I 2 Fall
IS 7052 ERP II 2 Spring
IS 8050 Introduction to ABAP 2 Spring
IS 8056 SAP TERP-10 Certification 2 Spring
4 credits
IS 8040 Enterprise Architecture 2 Spring
IS 6030** Data Management 2 Fall
IS 7034* Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence 2 Spring
OM 7083 Supply Chain Strategy 2 Fall/spring
  IS 7030 Data Modeling 2 Fall

*Requires prerequisite of IS 6030: Data Management OR IS 7032: Database Design.

**This course is not for MS-IS students, replace with IS 7030.

Note: This certificate is temporarily placed on hiatus and we are not currently accepting applications.

To learn more about this certificate, please contact:

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Binny Samuel, PhD

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