Narayan Umanath

Headshot of Narayan Umanath, PhD

Narayan Umanath, PhD

Professor Emeritus, Department of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems

Narayan (Uma) Umanath is a Professor Emeritus at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business.

Teaching Interest
Data Modeling & Database Design, Data Warehousing, Advanced Topics in Data Management

Research Interest
Electronic Integration/Knowledge Management in Supply Chain, Data Modeling/Database Design

Institution: University of Cincinnati
Title: Professor of Information Systems

Institution: University of Cincinnati
Title: Associate Professor of Information Systems
End Date: 2001-08-31

Institution: University of Tulsa
Title: Associate Professor of Management Information Systems
End Date: 1996-07-31

Institution: Pennsylvania State University
Title: Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
End Date: 1993-07-31

Institution: University of Houston
Title: Teaching Fellow
End Date: 1987-05-31

Institution: Several different companies
Title: Several different job titles
End Date: 1986-01-31

All academic administrative tasks for the Information Systems area within the department of Accounting & IS and then for the department of IS
Dates: 1997-09-01 - 2003-08-31

Awards | Honors
Organization: Univeristy of Cincinnati
Name: Nominated for:  A.B. “Dolly” Cohen Award for Excellence in Teaching

Organization: College of Business, UC
Name: Nominated for:  Ronald J. Dornoff Fellow of Teaching Excellence

Organization: College of Business, UC
Name: Recipient:  Excellence in Teaching (EXCEL) Award for Undergraduate Teaching
Year Received: 2003

Organization: Information Systems Research Center (ISRC), University of Houston
Name: Academic Achievement in Management Information Systems
Year Received: 1987

Organization: University of Houston
Name: Clayton Doctoral Fellowship
Year Received: 1986

Institution: University of Madras
Location: India
Major: Mechanical Engineeering
Degree: BS

Institution: University of Houston
Location: Houston, Texas
Major: Information Systems/Business Administration
Dissertation: Impact of Task Properties, Data Display Format and Cognitive Characteristics on Recall Performance:  A Cumulative Research Investigation
Completed: 1987
Degree: Ph D

Institution: Lamar University
Location: Beaumont, Texas
Major: Industrial Engineering
Completed: 1971
Degree: MS

Published Contributions
S Krupanidhi, S Sai Madhukar, Narayan Umanath,  (2008). Entity Relationship Model to Illustrate Molecular Evolution. Science Letters/The National Academy of Sciences, 81-87.

Narayan Umanath, Richard Scamell,  (2007). Data Modeling and Database Design. Thomson:  Course Technology.

Kyu Kim, Narayan Umanath,  (2006). An Assessment of Electronic Information transfer in B2B Supply Channel Relationships. Journal of MIS/Sharpe, 293 - 320.

Kyu Kim, Narayan Umanath,  (2005). Information transfer in B2B Procurement:  An Empirical Analysis and Measurement. Information & Management/Elsevier, 813 - 828.

Narayan Umanath,  (2003). The Concept of Contingency beyond ‘It Depends’:  Illustrations from IS Research Stream. Information & Management/Elsevier, 551 - 562.

Parveen Gupta, Narayan Umanath, Mark Dirsmith,  (1999). Supervision Practices and Audit Effectiveness:  An Empirical Analysis of GAO Audits. Behavioral Research in Accounting, 27 - 49.

Manash Ray, Marshall Geiger, Narayan Umanath,  (1996). Factors Influencing Award of Compensation Contracts:  An Analysis of Written Protocols. Journal of Managerial Issues, 170 - 183.

Narayan Umanath, Manash Ray, Terry Campbell,  (1996). The Effect of Uncertainty and information Asymmetry on the structure of Compensation Contracts:  A Test of Competing Models. Management Science/INFORMS, 868 - 874.

Narayan Umanath,  (1994). Effect of IS Variables on Information Acquisition Modes:  An Experimental Investigation. Information & Management/Elsevier, 287 - 301.

Narayan Umanath, Iris Vessey,  (1994). Multiattribute Data Presentation and Human Judgment:  A Cognitive Fit Perspective. Decision Sciences, 795 - 824.

Narayan Umanath, Terry Campbell,  (1994). Differential Diffusion of Information Systems Technology in Multinational Enterprises:  A Research Model. Information Resources Management Journal, 6 - 18.

Narayan Umanath, Manash Ray, Terry Campbell,  (1993). Impact of Perceived Environmental Uncertainty and Perceived Agent Effectiveness on the Composition of Compensation Contracts. Management Science/INFORMS, 32 - 45.

Kyu Kim, Narayan Umanath,  (1993). Structure and Perceived Effectiveness of Software Development Subunits:  A Task Contingency Analysis. Journal of MIS/Sharpe, 157 - 181.

Narayan Umanath, Kyu Kim,  (1992). Task-Structure Relationship of Information Systems Development Subunit:  A Congruence of Perspective. Decision Sciences, 819 - 838.

Narayan Umanath, Richard Scamell, Siddharth Das,  (1990). An Examination of Two Screen/Report design Variables in an Information Recall Context. Decision Sciences, 216 - 240.

Research in progress
Title: Contingent Effects of Knowlwdge Complementarity and Trust-Commitment on Knowledge Exchange in a Supply Chain
Status: Planning
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: ER Modeling:  The Next Generation
Status: On-Going
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: Information Preservation in Data Model Mapping:  a Grammar and Empirical Assessment of Its Efficacy
Status: Writing Results
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: Knowledge Exchange Behavior in a Supply Channel Dyad with Prof. Fred Ahrens and Prof. U Umanath