Certified Financial Planning Track

A professional designation is an important indicator of the knowledge and quality of a finance professional. One of those designations is the Certified Financial Planner (CFP). The CFP is an important designation for students interested in working in financial planning and wealth management. To achieve this designation, a candidate must first pass the CFP exam.

Before a student can take the CFP exam, they must first complete a set of courses from a program approved by the CFP Board. The Certified Financial Planning track (detailed below) in the undergraduate finance program at the Lindner College of Business is such an approved program. In addition to the required core Finance major courses, someone seeking a CFP focus must take the following 15 semester credit hours of electives. All of these electives count toward the Finance major except ACCT 3072.

We offer a Financial Planning sub-plan in Catalyst which allows you to officially join this track which means your completion of the track will appear on your transcripts and it makes it easier for us to track who is in the program and verify your completion of the program to the national CFP Board. Please contact your academic advisor to register for the sub-plan.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP) focus area courses
Course No. Course Title Credits Prerequisites Semester
FIN4160 Fundamentals of Financial Planning 1 FIN 3080


IRM4110 Health and Life Insurance 3 FIN 3080

Fall, Spring, Summer

ACCT3072 Introduction to Tax 3 ACCT 2081


ACCT5146 Estate and Gift Tax 2 ACCT 2081


IRM4155 Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits 3 FIN 3080


FIN4161 Financial Planning Capstone 3

IRM 4110 (co), ACCT 5146 (co),

IRM 4155 (co), FIN 4011 (co),

ACCT 3072 (co), FIN 4160 (pre)

Subtotal   15    

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