Dong-Gil Ko

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Dong-Gil Ko, PhD

Associate Professor, Department of Operations, Business Analytics, and Information Systems

3339 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Dr. Ko is an associate professor in the College of Business at University of Cincinnati. He holds a BS degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maryland, a MBA in International Business/Finance from the George Washington University, and a doctorate in Management of Information Systems from the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh. He is an active researcher having published in elite journals including Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Organization Science, and Information Systems Research. He served on the editorial board of Information Systems Research as an Associate Editor. Dr. Ko has been consistently recognized for teaching excellence having taught a variety of courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. With over eight years of industry consulting experience (e.g., Accenture, SAIC, DoD), he offers unique experiences to his students in his classes. He has supervised more than 30 digital technology client-based projects or start-ups, having secured external funding for nearly all for-profit projects. On international front, Dr. Ko regularly leads study-abroad programs serving as a faculty liaison to Audencia School of Management (Nantes, France).

Teaching Interest
Information Technology Management
Big Data and Analytics
Systems Integration
International Business

Research Interest
Knowledge Management
Learning Health Systems
Project Management

Institution: University of Cincinnati
Title: Associate Professor, OBAIS

Institution: University of Cincinnati
Title: Associate Professor, Information Systems
End Date: 2011-06-30

Institution: University of Cincinnati
Title: Assistant Professor, Information Systems
End Date: 2010-08-31

Institution: Indiana University
Title: Assistant Professor
End Date: 2007-07-31

Institution: Indiana University
Title: Convertible Lecturer
End Date: 2002-05-31

Institution: Carnegie Mellon University
Title: Visiting Assistant Professor
End Date: 2001-08-31

Institution: University of Pittsburgh
Title: Instructor
End Date: 2000-04-30

Institution: University of Pittsburgh
Title: Research Assistant
End Date: 2000-04-30

Institution: Accenture
Title: Manager
End Date: 1996-07-31

Institution: Science Applications International Corporation
Title: Local Area Network Manager
End Date: 1993-07-31

Institution: AMA Systems, Inc.
Title: Systems Consultant
End Date: 1991-06-30

Institution: United States Patent and Trademark Office
Title: Patent Examiner
End Date: 1990-10-31

Institution: Advanced Research Corporation
Title: Systems Analyst/Consultant
End Date: 1990-04-30

Awards | Honors
Organization: University of Cincinnati
Name: Dean's List of Teaching Excellence
Year Received: 2019

Organization: University of Cincinnati
Name: Michael L. Dean EXCEL Award for Graduate Teaching, Nomination
Year Received: 2019

Organization: The Daniel J. Westerbeck Junior Faculty Graduate Teaching Award
Name: Dean's List of Teaching Excellence
Year Received: 2014

Organization: University of Cincinnati
Name: Lindner College of Business Research Fellow
Year Received: 2013

Organization: INFORMS
Name: Editorial Board Service Award
Year Received: 2013

Organization: University of Cincinnati
Name: Ronald J. Dornoff Fellow of Teaching Excellence Award, Nomination
Year Received: 2011

Institution: University of Pittsburgh
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Information Systems
Dissertation: Determinants of Knowledge Transfer in Enterprise Resource Planning Implementation
Completed: 2002
Degree: Ph D

Institution: George Washington University
Location: Washington, DC
Major: International Business/Finance
Completed: 1993
Degree: MBA

Institution: University of Maryland
Location: College Park, MD
Major: Electrical Engineering
Completed: 1988
Degree: BS

Published Contributions
Dong-Gil Ko, Feng Mai, Zhe Shan, David Zhang, (2019). Operational Efficiency and Patient‑Centered Health Care: A View from Online Physician Reviews. Journal of Operations Management, 309-402. 

Donald M Hilty, Jurgen Unutzer, Dong-Gil Ko, John Luo, Linda L.M. Worley, Joel Yager, (2019). Approaches for departments, schools and health systems to better implement technologies used for clinical care and education. Academic Psychiatry.

Dong-Gil Ko, Daniel McLinden, Myers Sarah, Margolis Peter,  (2018). Strangers Helping Strangers to Improve Healthcare: A Virtual Community Commons, ICN Exchange. International Journal of Recent Advances in Organizational Behaviour and Decision Sciences.

Alan Dennis, Paul Clay, Dong-Gil Ko,  (2017). From Individual Cognition to Social Ecosystem: A Structuration Model of Information Systems Use. Transactions on Human Computer Interaction.

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Dong-Gil Ko, Laurie Kirsch,  (2017). The Hybrid IT Project Manager:  One Foot Each in the IT and Business Domains . International Journal of Project Management, .

Dong-Gil Ko,  (2014). The mediating role of knowledge transfer and the effects of client-consultant mutual trust on the performance of enterprise implementation projects. Information & Management, 541-550.

Dong-Gil Ko, Alan Dennis,  (2011). Profiting from Knowledge Management:  The Impact of Time and Experience. Information Systems Research, 134-152.

Laurie Kirsch, Dong-Gil Ko, Mark Haney,  (2010). Investigating the Antecedents of Team-Based Clan Control:  Adding Social Capital as a Predictor. Organization Science, 469, 22pgs.

Dong-Gil Ko,  (2010). Consultant competence trust doesn't pay off, benevolent trust does! Managing knowledge with care. Journal of Knowledge Management, 202-213.

Dong-Gil Ko, Alan Dennis, Paul Clay,  (2008). Building Knowledge Management Systems to Improve Profits and Create Loyal Users:  Lessons from the Pharmaceutical Industry. AMIS research monograph volume Knowledge Management:  An Evolutionary View of the Field , 180-203.

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Dong-Gil Ko, Laurie Kirsch, King William,  (2005). Antecedents of Knowledge Transfer from Consultants to Clients in Enterprise System Implementations. MIS Quarterly, 59-85.

Paul Clay, Alan Dennis, Dong-Gil Ko,  (2005). Factors Affecting the Loyal Use of Knowledge Management Systems. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Dong-Gil Ko, Alan Dennis,  (2004). Sales Force Automation and Sales Performance:  Do Experience and Expertise Matter?. The Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, 311-322.

Dong-Gil Ko, Alan Dennis,  (2004). Who Profits from Knowledge Management?:  A Case of Experience versus Expertise. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Dong-Gil Ko, Laurie Kirsch, William King,  (2003). Determinants of Inter-Firm Knowledge Transfer in Enterprise System Implementations:  Transferring Knowledge from Consultants to Clients. Academy of Management.

Laurie Kirsch, V. Sambamurthy, Dong-Gil Ko, Russel Purvis,  (2002). Controlling Information Systems Development Projects:  The View from the Client. Management Science, 484-498.

William King, Dong-Gil Ko,  (2001). Evaluating Knowledge Management and the Learning Organization:  An Information/Knowledge Value Chain Approach. Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 1-27.

John Camillus, Dong-Gil Ko,  (2001). Managing the Future:  Planning Paradigms and Scenario Development. General Management Review, 21-31.

Dong-Gil Ko,  (1999). Information Requirements Analysis and Multiple Knowledge Elicitation Techniques:  Experience with the Pricing Scenario System. Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences.

Accepted Contributions
Dong-Gil Ko, Gwanhoo Lee, Mark Keil, Weidong Xia, (Accepted). The Mediating Role of Coordination in the Relationship between Control and Performance of Outsourced IS Projects. Journal of Computer Information Systems.

Dong-Gil Ko, Feng Mai, Zhe Shan,  (Accepted). Improving Patient Satisfaction by Managing Paradoxical Tensions Arising from Operational Processes:  Evidence from Online Patient Generated Physician Reviews. The 11th China Summer Workshop on Information Management (CSWIM 2017) .

Dong-Gil Ko, Feng Mai, Zhe Shan,  (Accepted). Managing Paradoxical Tensions to Improve Patient Care Quality:  A View from the Patients through Online Physician Reviews. by 25th Workshop on Information Technologies and Systems.

Feng Mai, Zhe Shan, Dong-Gil Ko,  (Accepted). Managing Paradoxical Tensions to Improve Patient Satisfaction:  A View from the Patients through User-Generated Online Physician Reviews. Annual Workshop on Health IT and Economics.

Research in progress
Title: Improved Outcomes through Sharing Multiplicity of Knowledge: An Examination of a Learning Health System
Status: Writing Results
Research Type: Scholarly

Title: The Impact of a Patient's e‑Visit Waiting on Health Care Outcomes and Costs
Status: Planning
Research Type: Scholarly

Organization: UC Libraries
Year: 2017

Title: Utilization of Predictive Modelling to identify socio-economic risk factors for infant mortality in Ohio
Organization: University of Cincinnati
Year: 2016

Title: The Impact of Operational Efficiency on Patient Perception of Healthcare Quality:  Evidence from Online Physician Reviews
Organization: CCHMC
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Year: 2016

Title: An Examination of Data Integration Challenges in Health Care:  An Organizatinoal Technology Management Perspective
Organization: CCHMC Biomedical Informatics
Location: CCHMC
Year: 2015

Title: Distributed Knowledge Integration in Information Technology Management,” Showcase Symposium
Organization: Academy of Management
Location: Seattle, WA
Year: 2003

Organization: Academy of Management
Year: 2003

Title: The Fourth Wave:  Knowledge Revolution?
Organization: University of Minnesota
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Year: 2002