Rob Schuette

Headshot of Rob Schuette, PhD

Rob Schuette, PhD

Adjunct Professor, Department of Marketing

A Social Psychology PhD, I am the Director of Business Research for Market Intelligence Group. For UC's Marketing Department, I teach evening sections of Consumer Behavior and Marketing Metrics.

Teaching Interest
Consumer Behavior
Marketing Metrics

Research Interest
The impact of attitudes upon behavior.
The development and change of attitudes.

Institution: Market Intelligence Group
Title: Director of Business Research

Awards | Honors
Organization: National Science Foundation
Name: 3 Year Graduate Research Fellowship
Year Received: 1989

Institution: Indiana University
Location: Bloomington, IN
Major: Social Psychology
Dissertation: Interpersonal Power and Illusory Correlation
Completed: 1996
Degree: Ph D

Institution: University of Dayton
Location: Dayton, Ohio
Major: Psychology
Completed: 1988
Degree: BS

Published Contributions
Robert Schuette, Russell Fazio,  (1995). Attitude Accessibility and Motivation as Determinants of Biased Processing: A test of the MODE Model. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 704-710.