(Cony) MingShen Ho

Headshot of (Cony) MingShen Ho

(Cony) MingShen Ho

PhD Student, Department of Marketing


Research Interest
Consumer Behavior, Self-Control, Goals.

Institution: University of Florida
Location: Gainesville
Major: Sport management
Completed: 2012
Degree: MS

Institution: National ChengChi University
Location: Taiwan
Major: History
Completed: 2009
Degree: BA

Title: Today is Just Not My Day: Bad Luck's Effect on Goal Pursuit
Organization: Association for Consumer Research
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Year: 2019

Title: Goal Paralysis:  The Effect of Incidental Luck on Consumer Goal Pursuit
Organization: UC Consumer Behavior Research Camp
Location: Cincinnati, Ohio
Year: 2018

Title: How incidental luck impacts goal pursuit
Year: 2017

Title: The unexpected upside of sub-goal failure.
Year: 2016