Achira Sedari

Headshot of Achira Sedari

Achira Sedari

PhD Student, Department of Management

3330.07 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Teaching Interest
Organizational Behavior

Research Interest
Workplace Mistreatment, Identity, Qualitative Research, Quantitative Research

Institution: Eastern Illinois University
Location: Charleston, Illinois
Completed: 2016
Degree: MBA

Institution: University of Peradeniya
Location: Sri Lanka
Completed: 2013
Degree: MBA

Institution: University of Bangalore
Location: Bangalore, India
Completed: 2005
Degree: BS

Title: Betwixt and between: Identity‑related mechanisms in work role transitions
Organization: Academy of Management
Location: Boston
Year: 2019

Title: What does that mean for me? The role of identity threats in employee responses to observed deviant negative supervisor behavior
Organization: Academy of Management
Location: Boston
Year: 2019

Title: Where do leaders come from? Contextual differences in determining paths to leader emergence.
Organization: International Studying Leadership Conference, 2017
Location: Richmond, VA
Year: 2017

Title: Out of necessity or opportunity ? The drive to innovate in small and medium enterprises
Organization: University of Illinois
Location: Urbana, Champaign
Year: 2016

Title: Driven to Innovate:  Motivations of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Context of Strategic Orientation
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Year: 2016