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Abby Pai

PhD Student, Department of Finance, Real Estate, and Insurance and Risk Management

2456.09 Carl H. Lindner Hall


Yu‑Jou (Abby) Pai is a Finance Ph.D. candidate at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business at the University of Cincinnati. Her research interests lie in asset pricing and real estate. Currently, she is interested in stock price momentum, the unstable stock market price-variance relation, and real estate investment risk and returns. Abby holds an MS in Economics from East Carolina University (awarded with outstanding graduate) and a BBA in Banking and Finance from Tamkang University (ranked first in the class and finished in three years). Her work has been accepted by Real Estate Economics.

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Research Interest
My research interests are Asset Pricing and Real Estate Finance.

Institution: East Carolina University
Location: Greenville, NC
Major: Applied and Resource Economics
Completed: 2015
Degree: MS

Institution: Tamkang University
Location: New Taipei City, Taiwan
Major: Banking and Finance
Completed: 2013
Degree: BBA

Published Contributions
Shaun Bond, Suyan Zheng, Yu-Jou Pai, Peng Wang,  (2019). Can Dividend Reinvestment Plans Affect Firm Payout Choices? Evidence from Real Estate Investment Trusts. Real Estate Economics, 178-213.

Title: On the Stock Market Variance‑Return or Price Relations: A Tale Of Two Variances
Organization: Midwest Finance Association
Location: Chicago
Year: 2019

Title: On the Stock Market Variance‑Return or Price Relations: A Tale Of Two Variances
Organization: American Finance Association
Location: Atlanta
Year: 2019

Title: On the Stock Market Variance-Return or Price Relations: A Tale of Two Variances
Organization: University of Hawaii
Location: Hawaii
Year: 2018