Transfer & Transition Students

What is a transfer student?

A transfer student is an individual who has completed some college coursework and is seeking to transfer to another learning institution to complete their desired degree program. Our transfer students take advantage of the same resources and opportunities as our freshman and graduate students.

Calculus is a required sequence in the Lindner College of Business. It is highly recommended that you begin your math sequence before transferring so that you do not fall behind your peers and you meet all graduation requirements. Students who have no college level math (which includes AP calculus) are much less likely to be admitted.

The exact math classes required of each student depends on the number of transferrable credits they are bringing to UC. If you have questions about what math class you need to complete before transferring, please contact the admissions team at

Transfer applicants to the Lindner College of Business should have at least a 2.5 GPA in all college-level course work (inclusive of college credit earned in high school) and have at least started their math classes moving towards college calculus or business calculus.

Required Materials:

  • If less than 24 hours of transferrable credit, final high school transcript.
  • Transcripts for all college coursework (including College Credit Plus or Dual Enrollment).
  • If you earned college work in high school, you must request the official transcript from the college or university that awarded the credit.
  • All official AP or IB test score reports sent from the testing agency.

Once you have made your decision to attend UC, you should confirm your admission to UC.

Within one week of confirming, the Lindner's Advising Office will reach out to you to schedule orientation. 

Please email Lindner's Undergraduate Enrollment team with questions.

What is a transition student?

A transition student is an individual who falls in one of two categories:

  • Begins coursework at one of our regional campuses, UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont
  • Changes majors within the university. 

Students from a regional campus typically begin an associate's degree program with the expectation of transitioning to UC's Uptown Campus to complete the bachelor's degree program.

Information sessions are typically offered every semester to allow interested students to explore a major in business, review a business degree audit (advisement report) and/or receive individual advising. Sessions are virtual, and are open to Main Campus, Blue Ash and Clermont students.

The Lindner College of Business admits transition students for the start of the fall, spring or summer semester.

The Change of College Form must be submitted by the following application deadlines:  

  • Fall semester: July 1
  • Spring semester: November 1
  • Summer semester: March 1

We invite you to review common questions about the transition admission process. All students are on their own unique path and not all questions may be captured below. If you have additional questions, please email our Transition Admission team.  

  1. Is there a minimum GPA to be admitted to Lindner as a Transition Student?
    1. Transition students must have at least a 2.0 University of Cincinnati GPA, in addition to a 2.5 or higher (on a 4.0 scale) cumulative GPA. Note: the cumulative collegiate GPA for transitioning students is calculated using all course work attempted at each college and university attended.
  2. What if my GPA is close to a 2.5 and I am currently enrolled in classes?
    1. If you are currently enrolled in courses, our admission team assumes the possibility of being unsuccessful in your current courses. If this assumption drops your GPA below the 2.5 minimum, and you are applying for a spring or fall semester, your application will be placed on hold until grades post. We are unable to hold for grades for summer semester applications.
  3. Is there a MATH requirement for admission?
    1. Admission to the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Arts in economics (BA) requires completion of MATH1044 with a C- or better OR MATH1046 with a D- or better.
    2. Admission to the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Business Analytics or Industrial Management requires completion of MATH1060 or MATH 1061 with a C- or better.
  4. What if I am currently registered for the required math course for admission?  
    1. If you are currently registered for the required math class for your desired Lindner program, your application is placed on hold until grades post and the minimum grade is achieved. Holds are only for fall and spring applications. We are unable to hold for math courses for summer semester applications.  
  5. How many credit hours must I have completed to apply to Lindner?  
    1. Students with fewer than the equivalent of 30 semester hours of earned college-level course will have their application evaluated based on the relevant first-year admission criteria (including ACT or SAT scores, high school GPA, and rank in class) and the applicable transfer admission requirements.  
    2. Students with more than 30 semester hours will need to meet the GPA and math requirements for admission.
  6. How will submitting a Grade Replacement affect my application?  
    1. Admission decisions are made using the GPA posted at the time the decision is made. Pending intended Grade Replacements will not be factored into the admission decision. We recommend that all UC Grade Replacements are processed before students apply to transition. 
  7. What does it mean if I receive communication that my application is on hold? 
    1. Applications may be placed on hold for fall or spring semesters if deemed that your GPA could fall below the 2.5 minimum or if you are currently registered for the required math course for admission. Once final grades are posted in Catalyst, a final review of your application will be made and the decision communicated with you through My Bearcat Network.  
  8. What happens after I apply for admission to Lindner?  
    1. Application queries are run approximately every 10 business days, followed by an admission decision. Applicants can expect communication through My Bearcat Network (if admitted or on hold) or through the utility (if denied) within 2-3 weeks of their application submission.  
  9. Prior to admission, what Lindner classes can I register for in an upcoming semester?
    1. Non-Lindner students can register for most 1000-2000-level Lindner courses with the exception of those coded as Honors or BA2080.  
  10. Is orientation required for admission to Lindner?  
    1. Yes, all students who are admitted must attend an orientation session to complete the admission process. Students receive orientation dates in their admission email through My Bearcat Network and will register for one date. At orientation, students will confirm their new Lindner program and officially become part of the Lindner College of Business.  
    2. Students admitted to an online BBA program will complete an asynchronous orientation.
  • Fall information sessions and drop-in advising dates coming soon.