Lindner Business Honors

Are you looking to discover and pursue your purpose, to lead, to chart your own path – your fast track of rigorous coursework and experiential learning opportunities like co-op and study abroad?

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The first-year Lindner Business Honors class, Fall 2021.

Lindner Business Honors seeks ambitious students who are intellectually curious and face new challenges head-on. We seek go -getters and promising leaders who want to hone their talents and take control of opportunities that will propel them into their future careers.

If you want to be a future business problem solver, you might be a perfect fit for Lindner Business Honors.

Continue a Legacy

Honors at the Lindner College of Business is rooted in a rich history and visionary legacy. It’s the story of two, independent donors, Carl H. Lindner, Jr. (who founded Lindner Honors-PLUS in 1997), and Marvin P. Kolodzik (who founded Kolodzik Business Scholars in 2008), who led efforts to build the best honors programs in the country. They sought to attract top students who could develop themselves through innovative academic and experiential opportunities.

Since the founding of our honors programs, the Lindner College of Business has grown both in size and academic merits — thanks in large part to their success! 

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Honors students and alumni continually thrive, achieving in their careers, breaking into new frontiers, and elevating their own and the college’s reputation. Our honors applicants are stronger than ever — and demand leading-edge education, innovative experiences, and a supporting community to freely explore and design their own paths.

In 2021, the college refocused Honors to provide a unified, accelerated curriculum designed to surpass other top business schools and provide our honors students the best of all of our legacy programs.

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“When deciding on a college, it was imperative that I felt accepted and heard. The University of Cincinnati was one of the only schools I saw a genuine effort to provide an inclusive community for their students. Since being here, I have been immersed in a culture of excellence. Through my Business Fellows Program and Lindner Business Honors Program, I feel surrounded by like-minded individuals with similar goals and experiences. Overall, I have met so many incredible individuals and learned so much. There are so many opportunities through these programs, and I can’t wait to be a part of them all.” — Keke Slaughter, first-year Business Honors student

Program Overview

Honors means excellence. Lindner Business Honors attracts students who demonstrate exceptional academic performance, drive, ambition, leadership potential and an appetite for problem solving.

In alignment with the college’s unique distinctions, Honors is built on four pillars:

  1. Dedicated Infrastructure of Honors faculty and staff
  2. Foundation for exploration, freedom for flexibility
  3. Specialized academic and experiential learning 
  4. Personalized Honors communities

Read more about how these four pillars are woven into the Honors experience below.

In addition to the support of honors faculty leaders and community mentors, the honors infrastructure includes dedicated career coaches and academic advisors. Together, this team of outstanding professionals serves to help Honors students leverage the skills and knowledge they develop to pursue new experiences.

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Members of the Lindner Business Honors faculty and staff team.

Lindner Business Honors  first-year students will utilize learning communities to undertake a robust first-year experience which prepared students for major (or discipline specific) courses, co-operative education, and study abroad.

Innovative, accelerated and agile, our specialized Honors curriculum augments the college’s business core. Honors students receive unique opportunities to develop leadership skills, harness the power of a diverse team, and hone their problem-solving skills through both academic grounding and hands-on experience.

The Lindner Business Honors curriculum is taught by a collaborative faculty consisting of thought leaders renowned in their respective fields and innovative in their teaching approach. Courses are accelerated, especially in the first two years, to enable a greater focus on business applications as students lean into their own interests.

Through specialized experiential learning – required yet flexible co-op, study abroad, and domestic travel opportunities – Honors students test their professional ambitions and hone their skills. Experiencing business first-hand in Cincinnati, across the country, and around the globe, students expand their worldview and their possibilities.   

All Lindner students are assigned a learning community for their first year. Honors takes that model further with personalized communities that support students’ entire college experience and far beyond.

Honoring our founders and building from their original programs, our Honors communities are named Carl H. Lindner Jr. Honors-PLUS and Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholars. These communities provide exceptionally nurturing environments, fueling personal discovery, professional growth and academic achievement. Once honors students confirm their acceptance to Lindner, they are placed within a community, and as freshmen live and learn together in award-winning Morgens Hall.  

Learning is personal. Our Honors communities foster the intimacy of a small learning community with all the benefits of a large, comprehensive university. Further, these communities leverage our powerful alumni advantage, thanks to decades of inspiring honors graduates. As a result, students thrive in our unified honors curriculum and multi-disciplinary research-based university, while our Honors communities “make the big feel small,” fostering deep relationships among students and with the tremendous alumni and donors who support them. 

Application Process

Selection for Lindner Business Honors is based on academic performance, engagement, and leadership. See below for key dates for students applying for Fall 2022 enrollment: 

  • Honors interview invitations — January 7 (via email)
  • Honors interviews held in person at Lindner (two options) — January 29 or February 5
  • Honors decisions announced — mid-February with scholarship awards (in portal)
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Students who are selected for Honors will receive their offer in late February. Students have until May 1 to reserve their spot at Lindner and at the University of Cincinnati. After confirming acceptance to Lindner Business Honors, students then will be placed in their honors community: Lindner Honors-PLUS or Kolodzik Business Scholar.

If not selected for Honors as an incoming student, there will be opportunities for exceptional continuing Lindner students to participate in Honors opportunities throughout their college experience. Please note that the University Honors Program is a separate and complementary honors opportunity with admissions managed by the university.


All Lindner Business Honors students are awarded scholarships based on merit. Scholarship levels vary by student, recognizing exceptional academic and leadership abilities as determined by a holistic application and interview review process.

Learn More

In spring 2021 we had a virtual informational event for high school juniors to share more about the program and provide them the opportunity to hear from current students and recent graduates.

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