Academic Advising

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business has assigned advisors for all admitted Lindner students.

Students in the following categories will need to visit the appropriate webpages or call the office at 513-556-7030 for information on processes:

  • If you are a non-Lindner College of Business student completing a business minor;
  • If you are a suspended student looking to be readmitted to the College;
  • If you are a former Lindner College of Business student looking to be readmitted to the College.


Undergraduate Programs Office
Carl H. Lindner Hall, First Floor
2906 Woodside Drive

If entering from the doors near Campus Green Drive Parking Garage:

  • Proceed up the stairs to the first floor
  • Take a left towards the round, red, seat cubicles
  • Go through the glass doors and check in at the front desk

If entering from the doors near Main Street:

  • Head toward the elevator bank and up the three stairs
  • Take a right towards the round, red, seat cubicles
  • Go through the glass doors and check in at the front desk

Fall 2023 Semester Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST

Make an Appointment

Refer to the Appointments page for more information about scheduling an advising appointment.

Meet the Advisors

Headshot of Pierre James

Pierre James

Director, Undergraduate Programs

M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration, University of Akron

Ask me about: what book I'm reading or just finished, sports, that time I took an infinity stone from Thanos, when I taught Yoda how to use the force, or that time that I had lunch with Groot and had to order for him.

Headshot of Shari Coffey

Shari Coffey

Director, Online Programs and Non-Traditional Student Support

MA in Communication Studies, Bowling Green State University

Ask me about: my pandemic puppy, books, or my former life as a newspaper reporter.

Headshot of Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis

Associate Director

M.Ed in College Student Affairs Leadership, Grand Valley State University

Ask me about: my favorite places to travel internationally and in the U.S., my kids, and what's for dinner?

Headshot of Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas

Associate Director

M.Ed. in Student Affairs in Higher Education, Marquette University

Ask me about: what podcasts I listen to, favorite shows or movies to binge, opinion on who is the best villain of all time, or my nephew Clay and why he's the best.

Headshot of Michael Rowland

Michael Rowland

Assistant Director/Senior Academic Advisor

MS in Marketing, University of Cincinnati

Ask me about: my cat, Toni Montana, my preferences in movies, and sports.

Headshot of Brittany Wagner

Brittany Wagner

Assistant Director

MS in Education in College Student Personnel, University of Dayton

Ask me about: the importance of prioritizing mental health; staying active, especially through volleyball, hiking and boating; what games I would bring to a game night.

Headshot of Shawn Adkins, EdD

Shawn Adkins, EdD

Senior Academic Advisor


Ask me about: Cincinnati-area restaurants, my cat, Merle, my years singing on stages all across the region, Major League Baseball, and interesting factoids about U.S. presidents.

Headshot of Olivia Cameron

Olivia Cameron

Senior Academic Advisor

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, University of Cincinnati

Ask me about: my golden retriever, Joey, or my two cats, Monica and Phoebe, the Disney College Program (DCP Alum 2012), and anything related to Star Wars or the MCU.

Headshot of Sarah Jernigan, PhD

Sarah Jernigan, PhD

Senior Academic Advisor

PhD in Educational Studies, University of Cincinnati

Ask me about: what I'm currently jammin' to on Spotify, best travel destinations, and the coolest campus brunch spots.

Headshot of Jaymee Smiddie

Jaymee Smiddie

Senior Academic Advisor

MS in Student Affairs in Higher Education, Miami University

Ask me about: Cincinnati sports (UC, Reds, Bengals, FC Cincinnati, Cincinnati Cyclones), my cat, Rory, and what book I'm reading this week.

Headshot of Chris Stone

Chris Stone

Senior Academic Advisor

BS in Criminal Justice, University of Cincinnati

Ask me about: sports, books I'm reading, or pets.

Headshot of Gavin Mitchell

Gavin Mitchell

Academic Advisor

BA in Organization Leadership and Communication Studies, Northern Kentucky University

Ask me about: my time as the lead singer of a band, the best places to see live music in Cincinnati, and why I love working in higher education!

Headshot of Ken Reeves

Ken Reeves

Academic Advisor

Master of Business Administration, University of Phoenix

Ask me about: Which episode of Star Trek - (TOS), Deep Space Nine, or Enterprise that I'm currently watching or anything about my dog, Mocha.

Headshot of Nicole Sturdivant

Nicole Sturdivant

Academic Advisor

MS in Adult Education, North Carolina A&T State University

Ask me about: the best desserts, movies about romantic comedies, and my favorite music.

Headshot of Jack O'Toole

Jack O'Toole

Academic Advisor

BS in Middle Childhood Education, University of Cincinnati