The Lindner Advantage

At the University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business, we empower business problem solvers to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges.

The combination of our five powerful distinctions make for a top-notch business education that sparks transformation and creates exciting opportunities:

A female student wearing a grey blazer and hair in a bun stands next to a male student with curly hair, a beard and wearing glasses and a sweater as they both look at a big white board with lots of multi-color post-it notes on it
  1. Experience-Based Learning
  2. A Problem-Solving Mindset
  3. Flexibility
  4. Community
  5. Cincinnati

Read more about these points of distinction and they they contribute to your bold business learning, below.

UC invented cooperative education in 1906. Today, our commitment to “learning by doing” has never been stronger. Paid, professional work experiences allow students to practice theories learned in the classroom—so every Bearcat graduates with a degree and a resumé.

You don’t have to wait to change the world. You’ll start on Day One at Lindner.

A learning community of approximately 25 students will soon become your second family. Taking the majority of your first-year classes together, you’ll quickly make friends, discover your passions and identify your strengths. And you’ll tackle foundational classes as a team, including Project Strategy, Project Innovation and Project Impact, allowing you to jumpstart your business insight.

We believe that exploring your options is part of what any degree is all about. And at Lindner, you’ll get straight down to business exploring where you can go with your education.

Coupled with Lindner Professional Experiences (co-ops or internships) and study abroad opportunities, our academic advisors and career coaches help students build their own, customized multi-year plan.

No matter your background, you’ll find a home at Lindner. After all, today’s leading companies—and tomorrow’s leaders—comprise individuals from a wide variety of geographies, genders, ethnicities and nationalities.

Your journey to becoming an inclusive leader awaits. Not only will you benefit from a sense of belonging and an atmosphere that allows you to be and grow into your best, most authentic self, you’ll experience inclusive leadership training that will equip you with the skills to relate and empower all you interact with throughout your career.

fireworks going off above a city skyline with reflection in the river at night

Cincinnati has been ranked the No. 1 city for recent college grads by Forbes.

Our city’s vibrant neighborhoods, world class arts, emerging restaurant scene and big-time sports are just the beginning. Cincinnati is home to numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem—the perfect place to align ambitions with dreams. And Lindner brings opportunity to UC’s front door, hosting events and supporting programs that encourage interaction with the business community.