Student-Centered Strategic Reinvestment of Program Fee

To continually improve the quality of undergraduate student learning, the Lindner College of Business reinvests all undergraduate program fees, as well as targeted capital campaign fund-raising. These reinvestments support a number of initiatives:

  • Updating Lindner Hall classrooms and study areas to improve the overall student learning experience
  • Creating Learning Communities for all incoming freshmen
  • Offering tutoring services and/or breakout sessions for challenging gateway courses in business
  • Implementing a faculty leadership program aimed at mentoring and guiding students in all major and minor areas of business study
  • Adding more than 30 business faculty to further enhance the quality of classroom instruction

Since the fall of 2015, the fee increased by $50 each semester for full-time students to fund expansion of Lindner Career Services. Since then, all professional development and experience support (e.g., co-op and internships as well as post-graduation placement) will be supported by Lindner Career Services. This fee increase replaces the current cost of co-op when Lindner students work with other university services, resulting in an overall reduction of student expenses. We look forward to your working with a Lindner career coach, as well as your academic advisor, to aid your exploration of career options and help you make the most of your UC opportunities.