Professional Sales Minor


Non-Lindner students interested in the Professional Sales minor must meet the following requirements to apply:

  • Have 30 earned semester credit hours.
  • Have at least a 2.5 University GPA and be enrolled in a four-year degree granting program.
  • Complete at least 50 percent of all minor coursework in the Lindner College of Business.
  • Earn a 2.0 in minor courses to be certified with the minor.

Review the program outline, the full curriculum, or contact the Lindner College of Business Undergraduate Office at 513-556-7030 for more information.

How to Apply

File an online form to declare or change a minor. Non-Lindner students will be notified by email of their acceptance into the program and the process for registration in the required Lindner classes.

Foundational Courses

BBA and BSIM students will fulfill the foundational courses through the completion of their primary degrees.

  • MKTG-2080: Introduction to Marketing, three semester hours
  • ECON-1001*: Introduction to Microeconomics or BA-3080: Business Professionalism and Character, three semester hours

*Non-Lindner students may substitute an additional Professional Sales elective for this requirement.

Required Minor Courses

Lindner students may not double-count these courses between majors and minors.

Course No. Course Title Credit Hours
MKTG-3000 or MKTG 3001 Professional Selling 3
Women in Sales 3
MKTG-4000  or MKTG-5000 Strategic Selling 3
Sales Practicum 3
MKTG-3085* Consumer Behavior 3
Professional Sales Electives. Choose 3 credits. Options include:
MKTG-4021 New Product Development  
MKTG-4022 Business to Business Marketing  
MKTG-4024 Services Marketing 3
MKTG-4025 Advertising  
MKTG-4026 Influencer Marketing  
MKTG-4028 Marketing Ethics
MKTG-4029 Direct Marketing
MKTG-4032 Sales Management 3
MKTG-4033 Retailing 3
MKTG-4034 Shopper Marketing 3
Total Credit Hours

*Marketing majors will need to substitute with an additional course from the Sales Elective list.

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Jane Sojka, PhD
Professor-Educator and Marketing Undergraduate Program Director
Phone: 513-556-7149