Marketing Major

What is Marketing?

Marketing is the study of people and their behavior in the marketplace which includes a wide-variety of exciting topics such as consumer decision making (why did I buy this?), advertising (why do I remember this ad?), retailing, (why do I like to shop here?), new product development (why didn’t I invent this?) branding (why do I remember that brown means UPS?) as well as other topics such as business-to-business marketing. A marketing major will study with world-renown marketing researchers, as well as learn from marketing leaders in industry to create a best-of-both worlds, theory and practice, education.  Students may choose to focus on any number of marketing related topics such as branding, advertising, retailing, new product development, e-marketing, professional selling, services marketing, sports marketing, and other topics.


The marketing major is launched with courses in buyer behavior and marketing research. Students then select four courses to support their desired career paths in marketing.

Review the program outline, the full curriculum, or contact the Lindner College of Business Undergraduate Office at 513-556-7030 for more information.

Real-World Experience

Marketing alums have co-oped or are employed in almost every major corporation in America including P&G, Johnson & Johnson, IBM, Oracle, Xerox, Hormel, Cintas, Macy’s, Nielsen, 84.51°, FC Cincinnati, as brief examples.

Career Possibilities

A plethora of career opportunities await the typical marketing major from the University of Cincinnati. Because marketing is such a broad discipline, and because UC is tightly connected to marketing leaders in Cincinnati (the world leader in consumer goods and branding), UC marketing majors have multiple career, co-op, and internship possibilities.  A typical marketing major might begin as a co-op or intern with an advertising firm and then work to become the accountant executive, for example. Other marketing positions include becoming a brand manager for a packaged goods company, a research assistant for a marketing research firm, a sales specialist in medical devices, a new account acquisition manager for in a B-2-B industry, a district manager in retail, as well as an innovation leader for start-up firms. In addition, a UC marketing degree provides a solid foundation for additional coursework. Marketing graduates have gone on to obtain law degrees, MBAs, and MS in Marketing degrees.

Companies that have recently hired Marketing students and graduates include:

  • Procter & Gamble
  • Enterprise
  • Possible
  • Ahalogy
  • Anthem
  • American Modern Insurance
  • BHDP Architecture
  • Bridge Logistics
  • Corbus LLC
  • Delta
  • Great American
  • Greater Cincinnati Water Works
  • The Kroger Co.
  • Luxottica
  • Metitor
  • Paycor
  • The Hershey Company
  • Toyota
  • West Chester Protective Gear

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