Lane's PACE

Lane Homecoming 2012

Lane (third from left) just before being crowned UC Homecoming King


Anyone who knows Lane knows that he operates at full speed. While Lane joined KBS as a sophomore, he started making the most of his UC experience from day one. As a freshman, he became involved in student government, and was elected as president his junior year— leading and representing over 32,000 UC students.

Lane’s interests and impact extend beyond student government. He participated in UC’s award-winning Racial Awareness Program (RAPP), a year-long program that educates students on social justice issues. Lane was also president of Serve Beyond Cincinnati, a student-led group that manages global construction projects that aim to increase quality of life. His leadership projects included efforts in El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti and India.

Off campus, Lane runs his own computer consulting business, and has had four co-op rotations at General Electric Aviation. He also is passionate about Chinese culture and business. Through UC, Lane spent a month in China at Dalian Jiaotong University, taking intensive courses in Mandarin and in a variety of traditional Chinese arts from kung fu to cooking dumplings. 

“I tell people all the time that I don’t know if I will remember some specific formula I learned in a classroom, but I’ll always remember the experiences I had as a UC student – as far as leadership, making connections and developing lifelong friendships.”