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View of Marvin Kolodzik and Kolodzik Business Scholars in front of the Ohio River


Kolodzik Business Scholars personalize their academic plan. Providing varied coursework, experiential options, and elective opportunities maximizes program flexibility.  Students major and minor in Business and across the campus, taking full advantage of what The University of Cincinnati has to offer. 

To graduate as a Kolodzik Business Scholar, students complete the following requirements:

Fast Track: Freshmen take linked courses in the Kolodzik Business Scholars learning community, study the world’s leading consumer product firm - Procter & Gamble - in Project Fast Track, and examine career opportunities and personal interests to customize their academic plans. 

Freshman are also introduced to study abroad and cultural competency with a year-end program in Montreal, Canada

Experiential Options: Students complete professional and themed options.

Choose Your Path:

  • Montreal Spring Semester Freshmen Study Abroad
  • Chicago Fall Break Freshman Professional Development Trip
  • KBSA Involvement Executive Board/Committees/Etc.
  • Study Abroad Experience 1-6 Week Trips
  • Study Abroad Experience Full Semester
  • Professional Experience Co-ops/Internships/Etc.
  • Campus Involvement Impacts on Student Organizations
  • KBS Alumni Engagement Mentors/ Connect with KBS alumni events
  • "Take a KBSer to Work" - Job shadowing experiences
  • KBS Interviews Volunteer Incoming Freshmen
  • Honors Courses Lindner Specific or University Honors
  • KBSA Event Participation Professional/Service/Engagement/Etc.
  • KBS Awards Recipients Marianne W. Lewis Scholarship and More


Kolodzik Business Scholars pride themselves on outstanding performance. They demonstrate excellence in the classroom, in their professional and international experiences, and in their service and campus activities. Minimally, to be considered for admission into the KBS program, incoming freshmen must be Cincinnatus qualified. If you feel you would be a competitive candidate, please consider applying to the program. All applicants are reviewed for potential admission for the upcoming autumn semester. The incoming freshmen cohort consisted of 40 students with the following profile:

  • Average High School GPA: 3.9
  • Average ACT: 31


All Kolodzik Business Scholars receive tuition scholarshhips for up to 8 academic semesters, in addition to Cincinnatus Scholarship awards.

For more information, please visit the Student Financial Aid and Cincinnatus Scholarship websites.

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Scott Gregory
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Ruth Seiple
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