Circle of Excellence

Circle of Excellence group photo


A Selective Distinction

The University of Cincinnati’s Circle of Excellence program will provide an inimitable university honors experience centered upon impact. Our unique service-oriented leadership development program promises to cultivate well-rounded business professionals with strong character who are grounded in ethical principles, an appreciation of diversity and inclusion, and desire to make an impact both during their years as a UC student and beyond.


What are the advantages of being in the Circle of Excellence?

  • Access to honors sections of courses
  • Priority registration
  • Eligibility for special study abroad grants
  • Dedicated academic advisor
  • Specialized Lindner Career Services coaching and events for high-achievers
  • Distinction valued by potential employers (for resume and on transcript)
  • Access to honors housing
  • Domestic travel experiences
  • Opportunity to earn Impact Points to receive awards and eligibility to apply for exclusive CoE scholarships

Myles Edwards: “Circle of Excellence has been the single greatest thing that has happened to me so far in college. The community of people is so great, and everyone is so helpful. Melissa is truly invested to the program and has led us to new and great heights. I have had the opportunity to get involved on the exec team and lead COE even further. COE has given me the opportunity to market myself to companies I would have never even thought about reaching out to at this point in my college career. My network has been grown exponentially due to the opportunities given to me. I am truly thankful for COE being in my life. Circle of Excellence has given me great friends and great opportunities to grow professionally.”

Jackie Oney: “Circle of Excellence has had a very impactful effect of my college career. I feel very fortunate to have been able to see CoE grow from its birth. My freshman year was the first year CoE existed and I have had the opportunities to help shape and mold CoE into what it is today. CoE is an organization that truly cares about what its students want and need. We started a strategic planning committee two years ago consisting mostly of incoming freshmen, so we could listen to what they wanted and needed. From there, we rearranged our plans and events for the year to help fit their goals. The year after that, we did the same and our plans changed once again. It’s so great to see a large organization making time for each student that wants to be heard. I will be forever grateful for the time I have spent with CoE.”

Lindsey Sweatland: “CoE is an amazing representation of what being a well-rounded professional is all about. I have learned about the importance of community, inclusion, respect, character, leadership, and ethics. I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to take honors courses, receive a study abroad grant, network with professionals, get to know my fellow colleagues through social events and build my character and professionalism during our domestic trips to Atlanta and St. Louis. CoE has put me in a position where I truly feel as though I am making an impact at UC and the Cincinnati community. My time here has been nothing short of incredible and I am so proud to be a part of this family.”