Academic Advising

The Carl H. Lindner College of Business Undergraduate Programs Office is committed to attracting a high achieving, diverse undergraduate student body who enter as either freshmen or transfer students. As trusted partners in the academic careers of our students, we utilize purposeful connections with college and university offices for the benefit of our students. We provide welcoming and reliable customer service to our constituents with the goal of empowering our students and simplifying our processes.

We embrace advising as teaching to:

  • Provide the foundation and tools for active learning;
  • Model an environment of mutual respect, interdependence and accountability;
  • Encourage personal and professional growth through opportunities that promote self-discovery and continuous learning.

This web page is to assist you with negotiating the escalating responsibilities of your academic career starting with your transition to college and continuing through graduation. You should refer to the calendars listed on One Stop for important dates and deadlines each semester. Get in the habit of checking your UConnect email account and Blackboard several times a week for valuable information from the college and UC.

The university addresses several student and advisor responsibilities on the Registrar's website. We offer the below document as a guide specifically for our students to navigate their college careers.

Download the full Academic Advising Syllabus for your reference.