Minimum Hardware Requirements

The Lindner IT team recommends the following minimum system specifications if students decide not to participate in the Lindner Laptop Purchase Program. Students that would like further guidance or have specific questions about their current system should contact the LCB Service Desk at

All software used in LCB coursework is Windows-based. This is an important consideration to keep in mind when preparing for studies at LCB. Students with Apple computers can use Windows software by accessing UCVLabs or by installing Boot Camp or VMWare, but please keep in mind that there is more work involved if you do not have a Windows laptop.

Lindner College of Business minimum recommended laptop specifications

Processor: Intel Core i5/i7
Memory (RAM): 8.0 GB minimum, 16.0 GB preferred
Hard drive size: 256 GB
Display/resolution: User's preference
Operating system: Windows 10 or higher (PC), OS X 10.9 or higher (Mac)
Warranty: User's preference, four years suggested
Webcam: Required; either built-in or USB-attached
Backup drive: Strongly recommended
Headset: Strongly recommended for remote coursework. To include over-ear headphones and attached microphone.

Get ready for class

To help get your technology ready to start your studies at Lindner, here are a few steps that will help you ensure that your technology is equipped to handle the tasks ahead. 

Plugins and runtimes

There are various software packages, video players, etc. that require free plugins for your computer in order to run properly. These sites will allow you to download and install them for free without having to worry about inadvertently downloading malware in the process. has all the essential freeware you'll want for your Windows computer. Just check the box for each app you want, then click Get Your Ninite. A single file will download that will install each application you picked with no need for additional interaction. Suggested installs for your Windows computer:   Java, .NET, Shockwave, Quicktime, Chrome, Firefox.

Mac: The equivalent site for Mac is  Download browsers, runtimes, and more. All free! Suggested installs for your Mac: Quicktime, Chrome, Firefox.

On-campus wireless internet

The University also provides free wireless access for all students, faculty, and staff. To connect to UC_Secure, please follow the instructions found here. Please note that you will need to be on campus before setting up this wireless connection.

Watching video on your laptop

Many LCB courses are recorded and made available for review later. Downloading and installing Flash and Quicktime (as described in the plugins and runtimes section above) is your first step. 

Still having issues? Here are some tips.

  • Avoid watching video content with a wireless connection as it can be slower than connecting a network cable directly to your modem.
  • Try copying the hyperlink directly into your Firefox web browser address window, then hit “enter”
  • Try a different browser (but not Google Chrome) - If Firefox doesn’t work, try Safari or Explorer as your browser or vice versa.
  • Be patient while the video loads. This can take a few minutes.
  • Contact the IT Helpdesk for further assistance at 513-556-7159 or with the words “online course help” in the title of your message.