The Lindner College of Business International Programs Office provides automatic scholarship money only to business students participating on Lindner faculty-led and exchange programs.  Due to the large volume of business students who study abroad, we are not able to provide additional scholarships from our office.  We encourage you to seek out additional study abroad funding opportunities:

Business Fellows Study Abroad Scholarship

Active members of the Business Fellows community are eligible to receive grant funding for credit-bearing study abroad programs by completing an application. Deadlines to apply are July 27 (Fall Programs), November 5 (Spring Programs) and April 5 (Summer Programs). Recipients must also commit to sharing information (pictures, testimonials, etc.) about their experience with the Business Fellows program.  View the application here.

Carl H. Lindner Honors-PLUS Scholarship

Members of the Lindner Honors-PLUS program can apply for funding for study abroad programs, service trips, and conferences.  For more information, contact Scott Gregory, Director of Undergraduate Enrollment.

Circle of Excellence Study Abroad Scholarships

Eligible recipients in the Circle of Excellence Program can receive a one-time $300 scholarship toward an LCB study abroad program or semester exchange.  For more information, contact Scott Gregory, Director of Undergraduate Enrollment.

Marvin P. Kolodzik Business Scholars Study Abroad Scholarships

Kolodzik Business Scholars (KBS) students are known for their achievements and adventures across the globe! For more information about KBS funding for study abroad, please refer to dates, deadlines and application links on the KBS Blackboard pages. KBS Study Abroad scholarships are available for any credit bearing international experience earning 3 or more credits. (Academic Advisor Approval forms must be submitted with your study abroad application at for non-LCB and non-UC programs.) Study abroad scholarships are available thanks to generous KBS alumni and the KBS student Fund. The freshman Montreal experience is not eligible for this scholarship.

UC International Scholarships

Read more about other scholarships offered to all UC students here.