Corporate Partners Spotlight

Crown Equipment Corporation

Crown, an Ohio-based forklift and material handling company, helps Lindner students understand the challenges and benefits of the global environment of business.

For the past two years, Crown has partnered with Lindner International Programs to teach students about how regional businesses connect to markets around the world. Crown is based in New Bremen, Ohio, with facilities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Dave Beddow, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations, and his team came to campus and spoke students traveling to Mexico and Germany. He gave a briefing about the company, which has been owned by the Dicke family since 1945. Students learned how Crown makes almost all of its own parts and components rather than sourcing them from other suppliers. Beddow stressed how Crown employees are part of the company's family, and they invest significant time and resources helping employees grow in their skills and in how they contribute to the company. Beddow pointed out that Crown has never laid off any employees due to technology improvements or shifting part production.

Students then had the opportunity to see Crown's operations around the world. Students learning about International Business in Querétaro, Mexico, visited one of Crown's 18 global manufacturing facilities. In addition to seeing the world-class production processes, students learned how Crown extended its company culture to a new country. Crown is diligent in their hiring process, looking for employees who fit well with the company and have the potential to learn and grow with the organization.

Students learning about Information Systems in Germany visited the Europe, Middle East, Africa, and India Global Headquarters outside of Munich, Germany. They met with research, human resources, and development professionals to learn how Crown adapts its signature forklift products for an international market. Students had the chance to test cutting-edge technology and see the product testing facilities.

From these experiences, students gain the skills to connect local industry to global production and innovation trends. Many Lindner students co-op with Crown, and the first-hand knowledge they gain visiting the company's locations around the globe gives them an advantage in understanding the business, its international reach, and its culture.

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